January 11, 2018
An hour of code for everyone
By: Suraj Rai

A few weeks ago it was the Hour of Code. A global event where we encourage everyone to learn, experiment and create using code. Accenture is one of the largest sponsors of the global event. This time we had over 6000 members globally pledging to support by teaching, participating or doing it themselves.

Coding can appear daunting however it’s really like learning a language, it just takes practice. Like learning to speak a new lingo the best way is by doing. Additionally, if you can practice with someone else and pick one language to get comfortable, you’ll see yourself making progress quickly.

To kick off, here’s a list of great resources to dip into, some well-known others not so but all good to experiment with. I’d recommend picking three to get exploring.

CODE.ORG, a central repository of support and directions. A great central source of all things hour of code. Videos, resources and more.


- Mozilla Thimble, open source web development.

Created with openness in mind and open source remixing create all types of web pages and more.


- Codeacademy, in-depth features and courses on specific languages.

One of the first online schools of code. It has a whole suite of code curricula and direct applications of your creations.


- Khan Academy, interactive guided programming language literacy.

Free and open, coding whilst learning computer science fundamentals as well:


- Processing, open source fast programming and prototyping

A great open source environment to make fast and powerful sketches in.


- Free Code Map, free and supporting NGO’s

A growing community with articles dedicated paths and support.


- Hopscotch, fun quick programming with blocks of code on your tablet or phone.

Great for programming on your phone or tablet with colourful characters easy interface:


-Scratch, customizable programming with blocks of code.

Online and with a well-supported curriculum use bocks of code to create new things.

Code + Human Centred Design = Better things.

Accenture is also applying user centred design alongside code and tech. This ultimately creates better results for businesses, for users and more. We’ve been leading this approach for everyone including families through our Kidovation series of events.

It’s an exciting approach, creating solutions to problems through imagination, empathy and ingenuity. When we open the conversation for everyone to get involved we get better, more diverse responses.

So, whether you’re an experienced coder or completely new to code, we’re inspiring people and educating new generations of innovators.

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