March 15, 2017
Gradu@ Accenture
By: George Hobbs

Hello everyone,

So this is the story all about how, my career got started in London Town

So just take a minute and sit right there and I’ll tell you about how I became an analyst at Acc-en-ture

London School of Economics I was taught for a phase

On Houghton Street I spent most of my days

Learning some Geography in the London School (Of Economics)

Occasionally having Economics make me look like a fool

When a couple of things that consider I should

Popped into my head they would

As you can see my career as a song writer was never going to take off so I had to make alternative decisions, unfortunately this was complicated by the fact I had no idea what I wanted to do! While my flatmates would end up sending out over 10 applications a week during the final year of university I was more concerned with whether I could afford food and assumed something would turn up if I waited enough… (tempting but not a good idea)

After graduation I still was confused about what I wanted to do, so adopted the classic delaying tactic of planning a year off travelling. Not wanting to come back to the UK with a broken bank account, nor a broken leg (slight exaggeration but nearly happened) I had a look at a few graduate training schemes to apply for to have some sort of stability. A friend of mine recommended Accenture due to the fact that it is an ideal place to not only enhance your professional skillset, but it would give you a wide range of opportunities in different industries to figure out where you would be happiest to start and develop a career path.

The application process was very quick with just over a month between applying and being offered a part in the Analyst Consulting Grad scheme. The interview process consisted of a short online application, followed by a phone interview and then an assessment centre. While these obviously were not easy, Accenture were very helpful with making the process as simple as possible and furthermore there was an abundance of information aiding adequate prep for the telephone interview and assessment centre. Information can be easily obtained through reading various case studies on Accenture’s website, which, while interesting are also very useful at helping you decide what kind of projects you want to be a part of/could join at Accenture.

The company was also incredibly understanding and allowed me take a year between being accepted and starting, so I was able to go travelling and start when I came back. Going into the world of technology consulting was a pretty significant challenge based on my previous experience at both University and past careers. However, Accenture provides you with all the training and support you could possibly need to ensure you can undertake any of the various roles that you could be assigned after training.

With the exceptionally rapid advancement of technology in general in the global economy technology consulting is a fascinating area to work in. With every day, I am faced with new and exciting challenges to overcome, ensuring you are constantly growing and developing and that you are constantly being challenged in your career.

Thanks very much and best of luck with your applications.

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