October 02, 2017
It's been 2 years.....
By: Golda Boateng

I started at Accenture on 24/08/2015, this seems like a lifetime ago – joining this large technology firm on the Client Delivery and Operations programme bright eyed and bushy tailed! I had been working for a year before so this was not my first real job but my first time being part of a global organisation which was daunting and exciting all at the same time.

My first 2 weeks comprised of training in London and the hope of attending the Technology Analyst Core School in Madrid for 2 weeks (an event which did not actually materialize for me until just two weeks ago…we will get into that later). After completing my PPSO training, I found myself on a Financial Services project in London (–which I loved (born and bred so I really wanted to stay here) –! The combination of the people, the work and the steep learning curve made the entire experience a very enjoyable one. I learnt the meaning to words like firewalls, environments, Fortinet, the list goes on but coming from a Pharmaceutical Chemistry background this went straight over my head for the first couple of weeks but it was so good to be able to understand what was being said on the calls and contribute after a couple of months.

Fast forward to February 2016 and I was off, not onto a new project but to have a baby, I was going on maternity leave after only 6 months in the company. I couldn’t go to Madrid because I was pregnant so my start group all went without me L but I had a month off before my daughter arrived which was very relaxing. My daughter arrived a week early and obviously changed my life for the better!

Two months into motherhood I received a call from my new Career Counsellor, now I had never spoken to him and the new Performance Achievement system had just come into play so the call was quite confusing to say the least. But he explained who he was, the role he would be playing in my life at Accenture and the main reason for his call……he had supported for mid-year promotion!! He had spoken to my line managers and colleagues at my first project and the report they had given deserved a promotion in his eyes, I couldn’t believe it. He said he would be back in touch to in a couple of weeks with the decisions. To cut a long story short, I got prompted – after 6 months, while I was on maternity leave, anything is possible guys!

I returned to work in November 2016, on a new project, as working mother but still an analyst (this is a rare case I have found), it has not been easy but I have loved it and every moment has been an opportunity to learn. Accenture really do value a diverse workforce including working parents and I have never felt disrespected for my contribution to the team even when it comes from home over skype with a crying baby in the background! I have just returned from my Madrid training (finally!) which was a long two weeks having not been away for my daughter for even 1 night and I am about to roll off my current role to join a Digital Financial Services project (so 2017 right!).

I am excited and I will let you know how it goes :)

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