January 26, 2016
Variety and Network
By: Giammarco Rizzo

Hello everyone!

My name is Giammarco and I am an Analyst currently in the UK Sales Support Team at Accenture.

I know what you are currently going through: if you, like me, are determined and ready-to-run individuals who look forward to starting their career in Management Consulting, you’ll certainly be in the process of applying for entry-level positions in renowned multinational consultancies.

I hope this post gives you a better idea of what the life of an Analyst consists of in its early stages.

A bit about my background: I hold a Double Degree between Italy and UK in European and International Management and a Master’s Degree in International Management.

Before Accenture, I interned in Private Banking in Italy as well as in Strategic Management for an Indian Industrial Group.

When I was at university, studying for my MSc in International Business, I knew that what I wanted from my career was continuous learning and variety: of people to interact with, projects to work on and places to see.

If I look back at my now four months with Accenture, I can actually see that variety. My start group and I (84 in total) spent the first month training and increasing our knowledge of Accenture between London and Chicago. This was a great time to understand how the company is structured and the projects it works on: I really enjoyed the interactive format featuring Accenture leaders’ presentations, quizzes and team competitions. Also, it’s a great time to get to know your journey companions in your career.

After the four-week induction, I was put “on the bench”, an expression we use to indicate an employee who has not been assigned to a chargeable role yet. This gave me the opportunity to participate in all the (ten!) events organised during the “Innovation Week” (i.e. exploring the Innovation Centre, experience of Augmented Reality in our Innovation Hub, cheering for what I believed was the best idea ever in the Innovation Dragon’s Den), and be overwhelmed by the disruptive power of the future technologies Accenture contributes to develop.

Afterwards, by putting in place one of the suggestions in the Accenture mantra (network, network, network!), in one week I found myself supporting a Senior Manager in developing the new positioning of Accenture Digital services for pharmaceutical clients. It was a really exciting project for a novice like me! After that, it was the turn of studying the newly-emerging landscape of wearable technologies in the health and public sector, followed by the support for a bid for a large media and entertainment client.

I was really enjoying my time on the bench when, just before Christmas, I was proposed for a 12-month internal role on Bid Development (BD) within Accenture Sales. The role consists in supporting Accenture Leadership in writing proposals for our clients when new business opportunities arise. The role entails structured training (proposal management boot camps, online courses, 1-to-1 sessions) and is a great opportunity to have an overview of the variety of projects Accenture participates as well as interacting with Accenture Leadership.

I am grateful of the opportunities that I have been given here at Accenture and I look forward to updating you to the challenges I will be facing in this new role.

Giammarco Rizzo

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