January 28, 2021
Gaining a wealth of experience through variety
By: Amma Nsiah-Ababio

Amma Nsiah-Ababio

One thing I love about working for Accenture in our cybersecurity practice is the variety of projects that I’m able to get involved in. I’m getting a wealth of experience in different areas and I’m able to try new things as well. The teams here are very supportive and learning and development is really encouraged. At Accenture, that’s a big thing! Your professional development is important and there is a lot of emphasis on it.

I was working in hardware security for three and a half years before I joined Accenture. My first role was as a Cryptography Security Analyst for a UK security evaluation lab where I was performing state-of-the-art side-channel attacks on hardware devices. It was a very niche area. I worked there for almost three years and then moved to another security lab in Holland for about nine months, where I was doing a lot of research and similar work. I then got to a point where I realised I may reach the glass ceiling in that area of work and knew I wanted a broader career experience.

Whilst working in security evaluations, I completed a master’s in information security, part-time. After deciding to seek new opportunities I spoke to a lady who had been on my course and went on to work for Accenture. She had nothing but good things to say about the company. She shared with me how much she enjoyed working there and talked about the training opportunities which provided plenty of room to grow in a supportive environment. So, I decided to apply to the graduate scheme. As my previous roles were very niche and I had no experience in the consulting arena I felt the graduate route would be an ideal opportunity to learn.

I joined as an Analyst in February 2019 and was promoted to Consultant within a year. The work I do at Accenture is really varied and currently I’m working for a bank as part of the Information Security Change team, which is an internal client consultancy role. The goal is to ensure that the “Security-by-Design” principle is adopted by all change projects at the bank and that security risk is adequately assessed and managed. There are three main activities that I’m involved with and these are defining security requirements, assessing solutions to identify and articulate security risks, and supporting with security testing scoping and review of results.

This is my fifth project and previously I’ve worked in one of our market units, Products, on a privileged access management project, in a project management role, which I found interesting, however I wanted to move on to a more technical role. Next, I worked on a strategy piece for a bank, helping them with a Public Cloud Adoption Impact Assessment. The third project I worked on was for another bank where I supported their Identity Access Management Programme by helping them with their annual planning. After that project, I worked on third-party information security assessments for an insurance company for about six months. This involved going out to their third-party suppliers to assess their information security posture against a set of control questions to rate the maturity of their suppliers’ security controls.

As you can see, I’ve found the breadth of experience that I was after! I think at some point I may want to specialise again but for now I’m gaining knowledge across lots of different areas. Next, I’d really like to develop skills in cloud security. However, at this stage, because cybersecurity is so broad, I’m not going to narrow myself down just yet. I’m just going to continue gaining lots of valuable skills and experiences across clients and industries.

Find out more about our current opportunities in cybersecurity on our careers website.

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