May 13, 2021
From Marketing Intern to Manager…
By: Stanley Ellerby-English

I joined Accenture in September 2014 on the Marketing and Communications Graduate Internship Programme. After I finished my undergraduate degree, I worked in my Students’ Union as a sabbatical officer for a year, then did my master’s in international development and originally set out to work in international development aid. After a year of doing some freelancing and volunteering for international development organisations, I realised what I enjoyed most was the marketing element of my role: content development, writing and the creation of comms campaigns, so I pivoted towards a career in marketing.

“I was eager to have a role where I could develop my skills”

I didn’t have a background in marketing and hadn’t imagined working at a large company like Accenture before I applied, but I was eager to have a role where I could develop my skills. The Accenture marketing team seemed like a great place to do that.

As it turned out, I wasn’t wrong! Since joining I have worked in a really wide variety of roles. I started in the employer brand team, where I worked across graduate recruitment and experienced hire marketing. My line manager in this role was great at getting me involved in the whole content development process. A great example of this was the ‘Unexpected Accenture’ campaign. It crossed so many touchpoints - from case studies, storytelling, digital marketing, social media, and physical installations. I learnt how to construct a campaign that lived on various different channels but in a really impactful way.

“Now, I am delivering campaigns across multiple channels”

From there I have worked in teams running social media training and support to senior leaders, supporting key accounts to create highly targeted marketing campaigns and managing global social media handles. I even left Accenture for a year and led marketing for a small content marketing agency, using the skills I’d developed to refresh their brand, website, and content strategy. Now, I am delivering campaigns across multiple channels that are helping our Health & Public Service practice build stronger client relationships and strike up new conversations.

At Accenture, my proudest moments have always been when I know I’ve helped move the dial for conversations with clients. For example when I worked with the team on a life sciences account to position a totally new proposition with key clients. I worked with the subject matter experts to craft a compelling narrative and create impactful marketing assets to help present the idea. The work got great feedback from the leadership, the wider team and the client, and it led to us taking the project forward with them. Getting that tangible feedback is really rewarding and people really appreciate the support and insight we provide.

I think one of the best qualities an intern can have is curiosity; learn as much about the work Accenture does, not just because it’s interesting, but because it will help you in your role. Regardless of their career level or business area, everyone here is enthusiastic about delivering great work and helping others do the same. Those who do the best are the ones who are willing to put their hand up to help and who are not afraid to pitch in and offer their view.

This willingness to pitch in goes hand in hand with the second most important skill. Being able to collaborate and build relationships across different teams is vital in an organisation that’s as large as Accenture. In order for me to do my job well, I need to have good connections across the team and the business as a whole and the marketing team is great at promoting this mentality. Whether it’s local campaigns, sponsorships, account-based marketing, media, or employer brand, it’s great to have a wider community that you can call on for their expertise, advice, and knowledge.

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