February 16, 2017
From Intern to Analyst
By: Catharine Renney

Hi I’m Catharine, a recent Politics and International Relations graduate from the University of Bristol. I am a keen traveller, having just spent 6 months in South and Central America, learning Spanish and exploring the amazing continent! I joined Accenture as an analyst in January 2017. This is my second experience of Accenture after working as a Summer Analyst on large Government project in 2015. Whilst on my internship I spent half the week in Newcastle and half the week in London, which was a great experience and lots of fun! Now I am based full-time in London, on an internal project called the Innovation Programme.

The thing I love most about Accenture is the people. Something that you can underestimate before starting a job is how important positive relationships with your colleagues are. Luckily for me, I get on really well with my team and I have made good friends in my start group too, as well as landing myself a stimulating role, which is relevant to my skillset and interests. I’m absolutely loving my Accenture life so far!

Now working in London full-time for the Innovation Programme; which has end-to-end development capabilities, from ideation to proof-of-concept, the programme focuses on finding solutions for business problems using emerging technology, underpinned by “Design Thinking”. Also as part of the programme, we have the Innovation Hub in Accenture HQ which showcases our prototypes. The team is small but great; there are loads of analysts and everyone is super friendly and willing to help you. One of my main responsibilities on the project is to deliver workshops both internally and externally with clients. I love people, so having human interaction with a broad variety of people so on a daily basis is definitely a big positive for me! Our workshops can be bespoke, or ‘off the shelf’ offerings focusing on emerging technology, such as Blockchain.

Although I didn’t have a tech-based degree and felt somewhat intimidated to come into a company which places a key emphasis on its technology expertise, I’ve learnt a lot about tech of the future and found it inspiring and relevant to daily life. My experience of Accenture is different to many other peoples’ as the Innovation Programme is internal so I am not currently working for a client, but having experience on a Governmental project in 2015, I have a grasp of what that is like too. Both have their pros and cons, but I’ve really enjoyed doing something different to what I tried on my internship and broadening my knowledge, meaning I can bring something new to a client project when I move on from the Innovation Programme.

For more info about the Innovation Programme, watch this short video and see what amazing capabilities Accenture has: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeF-In1FzEw

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