July 19, 2021
Fostering an Agile community
By: Charlotte Blake

I'm an Agile Coach, which essentially means I spend my days working with and coaching our clients’ teams to adopt Agile ways of working. I get to work closely with team members to coach and train them on agile best practice. I also support them to work better as a team and to work more effectively to deliver products and services quickly and efficiently to their customers.

I joined Accenture in January 2019 from Australia, where I had been working as a Scrum Master for a major Bank for a few years before making the move to London. It was whilst working for this Bank that I gained a lot of practical Agile skills and knowledge, but my interest in Agile first peaked when I joined the corporate world as a graduate. In my graduate orientation we experienced Agile training where they explained that Agile was a new way of delivering value to customers. And, I just remember sitting there thinking “well, if this is new, what must the old way have been like? Agile makes sense, I don’t know how projects would have been delivered differently?”. It was in this training when I knew I wanted to learn more about Agile so that I could work in this new way.

The move from my company in Australia to Accenture in England was seamless. I got the job offer in October 2018, but Accenture was very flexible in allowing me to start in January 2019 so that I could spend Christmas in Australia with my family. I found my first role two weeks after joining, which was a bit daunting starting on my first English client (mainly because I previously worked at a financial service company where I knew a lot of people and people knew my skills and my personality), but it turned out great! I’ve now worked on five very different client transformations since joining and am now aligned to our Business Agility Practice when it formed a few months ago.

Charlotte Blake Presenting

In addition to my client role, I am helping to build the community within our practice and have been facilitating our fortnightly “Business Agility Jams”. We have created these sessions so that the team can come together and informally learn from one another through topics such as project spotlights sharing what team members are working on with their clients, or hosting “teach-backs” where someone from the team presents back on a new topic relating to business agility in an open forum environment. I am also representing UKI by connecting with the rest of our EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) in order to help to bring together a sense of community across the region, so that our team members in the UK and Ireland can reach-out to people there and vice-versa to grow their network and skills.

The Business Agility team is growing rapidly and we’re keen to hire more people who have a passion for coaching and helping our clients through their business agility transformations. Mindset and the right attitude are key, so even if someone does not have lots of practical experience just yet but they’ve got the right mindset and some experience, I think this is a great opportunity to be part of something new and grow with us. At Accenture there are a lot of training and development opportunities and you are strongly encouraged to tap into all the resources available to progress your professional and personal goals. Personally, I've been given some great learning opportunities - both via formal training, but also in regard to stepping up in more challenging roles and I think that's been a key differentiator that has significantly helped me with my own career growth.

Charlotte Blake

We’re looking for more people to join our team. If you have experience in Agile and are excited by the prospect of working with global clients and on their business transformation journey, start your job search here.

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