September 09, 2016
Blog 1: Every Challenge Counts
By: Nataliya Cousins

Hi Everyone!

I am so happy to start my very first blog. My journey to Accenture was very unusual…Back in Ukraine where I am originally from, I was studying International Economics at one of the top universities. While being at my last year of Masters an opportunity came out – there were scholarships available for the Ukraine students to study at Leeds University Business School. I was interested to join the competition. However, the challenge was that the scholarships were available only for Financial Masters Programmes whereas my speciality was marketing. That was a very important moment of my life – as I decided to challenge myself and push myself out of my comfort zone – straight into the world of Finance.

So I took a part in the competition and won the scholarship for studying International Banking and Finance at Leeds University Business School. For those readers who are from Leeds I would like to say that I spent one of the best years in Leeds and I am absolutely in love with this city!

However, as the joy of studying was nearly over, I started thinking of my future career plans…I was attending many career fairs that were happening at university – that is how I got to know Accenture. I went to one of Accenture graduate events and was impressed with the Accenture presenters. That was the level of professionalism that I wanted to reach in my career so Accenture caught my eye immediately. I wanted to become a professional who could hold a business conversation with the client, solve the problems efficiently, and deliver presentations with the confidence and getting experience across a variety of industries.

As I decided to apply for Accenture, I realised that I was pushing myself out of my comfort zone again. I had not come across technology consulting before, however, I accepted a challenge this time again! And I am so happy I have made a step towards the challenge. It is known that the technology industry is one of the fastest growing at the minute and so being a part of technology consulting at Accenture means being on the same page with the world. In consulting you’re constantly learning which means growing as a professional all the time. This is one of many other reasons why I like being part of Accenture.

To finish my first blog, I would like to encourage everyone to be a pioneer in their career journeys, because every challenge matters!

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