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June 10, 2016
Blog Entry #1
By: Ade Abiola

Since joining Accenture I’ve been on two projects, one based out of town in Milton Keynes for a client in the products industry which lasted for two months. My current project is based in London (at the Fenchurch Street office) for a Communications, Media and Technology (CMT) client. The roles could not be more different. Both were with their challenges but I can definitely say that my current role has a lot more responsibility and exposure both to senior management within Accenture, and also the client.

I’ve also had Technology Analyst training, where I spent two weeks in Madrid, which was AMAZING. Both the learning and social side of the training which had some similarities to Fresher’s week at uni…(*cough* fresher’s flu *cough*). It was this Technology Analyst training where I basically learnt what I’d been brought into Accenture to do, coupled with a few other training courses based around Project Management (which is what my current role is in!). The training at Accenture allowed us all to meet with the leaders and senior managers who were essentially our sponsors and were going to be very influential in our careers at Accenture.

Looking back now, I am extremely glad my first role was a) within test and b) didn’t involve too much exposure to the client. With this being my first job straight out of uni, (well, technically second job as I worked as an accountant over the summer after graduation) and first role within Accenture, I was bound to be nervous and feel like a fish out of water. Added pressure on the role being out of town too! But I joined the project armed with the Technology Analyst training fresh in my mind.

My role was a Defect Analyst who worked closely with the build and test teams on the project. It was challenging at first to get my head round the technical jargon used both on the project and in Accenture generally (Accenture LOVES acronyms and abbreviations).

Luckily I had an extremely supportive manager who I worked closely with for the duration of my time on the project. I was originally meant to stay on for three months, but projects (and clients) can be very unpredictable. The client (after a billion pound acquisition) had decided to choose a different style of project delivery (changing from a traditional waterfall approach to agile) which meant that over 70% of us on the project were rolled off early. Mixed emotions – sad to be leaving the project early, but glad to no longer have to spend most of my week in roundabout city aka Milton Keynes.

*Fast forward past a few weeks on the bench i.e. when you are not on a project*

I’m currently in-between two roles on my current project, Performance Management where I calculate KPIs on behalf on the client to see how well Accenture is performing on various projects (and to ensure we are delivering high standards of work). The other part of role involves data visualisations and analytics which has always been a massive interest of mine, where I’m currently getting to grips with a new Business Intelligence tool.

I’m nearly two months into my current role, but I can confidently say I would like to stay within this project for a long time. The breadth of exposure and variety in this project is immense and there will be loads of roles for me to try out, whilst still working with the same core team. Also this particular project has a lot of international reach which means the possibility of travel – something that I love to do. The variety in this project means I’ll never be bored at work!

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