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June 17, 2016
Blog 1
By: Dimple Patel

I joined the Strategy & Consulting Programme in April 2014, being aligned to Management Consulting. It was the third luck charm – having previously applied for the Summer Internship and Graduate role. Accenture has a good presence on campus at the University of Nottingham so I had many opportunities to find out more about the graduate programmes at the dinners and networking events held at university. I was fascinated by the culture and various opportunities Accenture provides and the people! Cliché, but it really is the people that make Accenture which enticed me to apply. And two years later, here I still am.

The scheme kicked off with two weeks of training in London with a further amazing two weeks training in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was absolutely incredible and so much fun. Alongside learning the soft skills of consulting, it provided the opportunity to make some great friends in the start group which you probably wouldn’t otherwise get. This has led to a few small holidays ever since, so it’s nice to have some great ‘friends from work’ rather than ‘work friends’. It was also great to meet other Analysts from across the globe – including India, France, Malaysia and Australia. I still keep in touch in with some of them so it’s nice to actually see the ‘One Global Network’ and diversity being reflected.

I started off my project resume with six months on a Communications, Media and Telecommunications (CMT) account. Here I spent four days a week out of town, helping me to build up my Hilton reward points! This is great, because you do occasionally get free upgrades and free goodies – just what you need when you are having to live out of a suitcase. I thoroughly enjoyed my time out of London as it made the social aspect more exciting – I did look forward to big group dinners and try a range of restaurants. There were weeks were I had three nights in a row of Nandos – no complaints!

Thereafter, I moved onto a Financial Services (FS) client working in Central London. The change was nice, which allowed me to have a slightly longer lie in on Monday mornings – also didn’t require me waiting at Paddington station at 6.30am. I’ve been on this project for almost 18 months now. Due to the longevity of the project, I’ve had a lot of exposure and involvement in the activities and events organised in the FS sector. This has involved sports tournaments, including rounders and dodgeball, as well other large scale summer and Christmas events. It’s not only great for socialising and networking, there have been events that celebrate and recognise achievements for all colleagues. A few months ago I attended a ‘Promotion Drinks’ events which definitely shows Accenture’s commitment to recognising and supporting individual’s accomplishments. The Life@ community on all projects and accounts is something which everyone can get involved in, and definitely a great way to meet fellow colleagues from across the industry and different teams, even if you are on the same large project!

Two years, two projects – a great start!

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