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Interactive Agenda: The New Face of Digital

We live in a world where businesses that focus on delivering a truly great experience are the winners. Today's consumers understand and appreciate what great services look like; they experience it first hand from companies such as Amazon, Apple, Uber and Airbnb. Digital leaders such as these innovate new services based on the needs, intents and preferences of their customers; in the process building new business models that cross multiple industries and dethrone incumbents. However, the gap between the best and the rest is vast.

It's clear that businesses who recognise this imperative are focusing on how they can evolve their organisation by putting the customer experience at the heart of their strategy. In fact, in many organisations, this has become a board level priority. We call this priority the "Interactive Agenda." Over the past six months of helping our clients respond to their interactive agendas, we have identified twelve trending themes that are worth sharing.

In this series we will share with you a series of viewpoints from across the Accenture Interactive team's collective experience that are continually forming and shaping the "Interactive Agenda."

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