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The Future of Public Services

Digital technologies are integral to balancing fiscal responsibility with best-in-class public services. No longer just a tool for efficient service delivery, digital technologies can enable large-scale transformation in UK public services.

29.11.16 Emma Mcguigan

Creating Seamless Customer Experience

There are three fundamental changes that you must oversee in your business in order to create a seamless customer experience.

01.12.16 Mark Sherwin

Digital Transformation

Forget legacy systems. The longer you continue with them the more agile start-ups are nibbling away at your profits. The development of digital technology waits for no one. Discover how CEOs and their teams need to instigate change here.

06.12.16 Arabel Bailey

Being digital: The ‘no-regrets’ route

Despite obvious gains, many Senior Executives are legitimately wary of moving towards digital. Assuaging those doubts, and pursuing ‘no-regrets’ capabilities, is key for organisations hoping to lead in their industries.

24.06.16 Narry Singh

Digital Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us. Supported by the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), businesses have an opportunity to improve their entire value chain. In this article – the first in a four-part series – we draw out the essence of Digital Industry 4.0, and highlight its potential.

24.06.16 Aidan Quilligan

Creating a digital workforce

Accenture MD Emma Cooper explains how businesses need to adapt to changing technology and embrace a truly digital workforce.

27.06.16 Emma Cooper

Jobcentres for a digital world

Jobcentres have come a long way from the days when they were paper cards on boards. Much of what they do has been automated, however the core function of Jobcentres has changed little. In an age of online job portals, private employment agencies and increasing self-employment, what is the function of the jobcentre?

09.09.16 Mark Jennings

Want to attract better students?

The answer? Deliver a better student experience. Digital disruption is coming to the education sector. Find out how your institution can stay ahead of the curve.

09.09.16 Mike Byrne

How is digital reshaping education?

Today’s global Education market is experiencing unprecedented levels of disruptors affecting the way in which universities compete and operate – and the majority of challenges to the traditional university are all related to the rise of digital. Find out how your organisation can use digital to improve educational experience.

27.09.16 Lydia Tallant

The new IT: An engine for enterprise innovation

One of the biggest changes brought about by digital technology is in how IT services are delivered to enterprises. The traditional IT services model cast IT as the guardian of enterprise systems; managing services and providing business support. This model is now being turned on its head. A new model for IT services delivery to drive business growth has come into play.

11.10.16 Bhaskar Ghosh

How to ensure you are using the best digital tools and techniques for success- The Technology Agenda- Part 1

Dan Farrell (Managing Director, Digital Delivery, UKI, Accenture Interactive) discusses how to cultivate agile teams and achieve success whilst considering common mistakes people make that hinder productivity.

14.10.16 Joy Bhattacharya

Emerging Technologies in Public Services

The Government is looking at a wide range of technologies to help them improve the delivery of public services. Increasingly this includes the experimentation, adoption and exploitation of intelligent technologies such as the Internet of Things, machine learning, video analytics and biometrics. But with this comes fear of job losses.

18.11.16 Chris Gray

Connected Cars

Connected technologies in vehicles have progressed far beyond the point of being considered novelty or luxury. Automotive customers have already embraced GPS navigation devices that help improve their driving experience, as well as taking advantage of smartphone apps and services that offer relevant and timely information about traffic and weather on the road.

24.06.16 Luca Mentuccia

Creepy vs. cool: Getting personalisation right

Accenture recently surveyed 1000 American customers to highlight what they found ‘creepy’ and ‘cool’ in a personalised shopping experience.

27.06.16 David Richards

The future is in applications

Continuous technological innovation is disrupting every industry; opening up new revenue streams and opportunities for market expansion.

27.06.16 Shalini Chaudhari

Machine Testing Times for Machine Learning

Increasingly, businesses are integrating machines and software intelligence to make their organisations more efficient, capture larger market share and be the digital disrupters in their industry. In the age of intelligent automation, success will come to businesses with the right skills, the right development culture and the right focus on testing and quality.

24.10.16 Shalini Chaudhari

Can you code authenticity?

Smart shopping increasingly relies on machine intelligence, and there’s an interesting juxtaposition emerging between the humans that consume retail services and the machines that deliver them. But if humans can now be removed from the service equation, how can brands remain authentic and sustain consumer trust?

22.11.16 Samad Masood

Forget tech: Digital success is all about people.

Have you ever questioned why services such as AirBnB, Uber and Kickstarter are so successful? If so, you're not alone. Fjord Director Celia Romaniuk tells you why.

06.10.16 Celia Romaniuk

Living services: Your digital world, personalised

In my more recent conversations with execs across multiple industries, there are several issues which are blamed for keeping them awake at night, the three most commonly cited are: How do we retain our customers and earn their trust? How do we increase our employee engagement? How do we become more agile and rapidly innovate?

09.08.16 Joy Bhattacharya

Interactive agenda

We live in a world where businesses that focus on delivering a truly great experience are the winners. Today’s consumers understand and appreciate what great services look like; they experience it first hand from companies such as Amazon, Apple, Uber and Airbnb. Digital leaders such as these innovate new services based on the needs, intents and preferences of their customers; in the process building new business models that cross multiple industries and dethrone incumbents.

08.08.16 Joy Bhattacharya

The Customer Agenda: How do I re-align my business around the customer: Part 1

Re-alignment takes a shift around three key principles; Design Thinking, Design Doing and Design Culture. Focus on one of these without the others in place and a transformation will often fall flat, obsess about all three and you have every chance of success. Celia Romaniuk, Group Design Director at Fjord [Design & Innovation from Accenture Interactive] discusses how we make design more integral to the way our business thinks.

11.08.16 Joy Bhattacharya

How digital is reshaping customer engagement

Digital is redefining sales organisations as they strive to fuel the growth by delivering an engaging experience, whenever and wherever.

24.06.16 Joy Bhattacharya

The future of e-commerce

Retailers should turn to technology to smooth the bumpy road ahead

27.06.16 Joy Bhattacharya

Millennials are your new digital customers

The ‘millennial’ generation have not only grown up, they now constitute the largest generation in the workforce.

27.06.16 Nick Taylor

The marketing agenda—Part 1: Broadcast to narrowcast

It has never been more difficult for CMO’s to grow their brand effectively. Mary Firth (Head of Content and Marketing Services at Accenture Interactive) discusses the importance of micro segmentation and how narrowing down your target audience can aid brand growth.

21.09.16 Joy Bhattacharya

The Marketing Agenda- Part 2- Transforming marketing capabilities for the digital consumer

Christine Connor (MD, Accenture Interactive) discusses the key themes arising in marketing transformation and how to use data to engage with customers all of the time.

30.09.16 Joy Bhattacharya

9 keys to creating a content stream in an ‘always-on’ world

What’s the biggest challenge facing your marketing organisation? For many clients the answer is simple: volume. Our new age of always-on marketing has seen the scale of content brands need to produce reach unprecedented demand. Here are some considerations for putting together an agenda for a winning content capability.

28.10.16 Mary Firth

Welcome to the Screen Age

Smart devices and the digital services they support are now central to our lives. Whether we are watching films, managing our fitness regimes, booking doctors’ appointments, or even just catching up with friends, there is a good chance we are doing so over a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or other digital screen. You are most likely reading this blog on one.

7.05.16 Ewan Mackay

The Way You Make Me Feel

I counted them all up the other day: I own no fewer than six smart devices. Like most people my age—I’m 26—I own a smartphone and a tablet, but I also own a smartwatch, a laptop, a PC and a smart TV. I guess that makes me more of a screenager than most. Let’s put it this way: if I had to part with my digital tech for more than an hour I’d probably start having panic attacks.

7.05.16 Nabil Alizai

The Digital Skills Gap

It’s official - the UK is experiencing a digital skills crisis. The UK needs another 745,000 workers with digital skills by 2017 and with the skills gap costing the economy around £63bn a year in lost income - urgent action is needed.

7.05.16 Mohini Rao

How To Keep Your Apps Healthy

How can they keep their app store up and running continuously?The answer is through improved app management that delivers. Find out more.

29.11.16 Michael Hobbs

Increase the success of your mobile app

So you’re releasing a mobile app into the marketplace. How will you know if it’s a success? How will you understand how it’s performing and how to improve it over time? Find out here.

15.11.16 Michael Hobbs

IoT is Transforming Payments

The past ten years has seen a greater level of innovation in the way we pay for goods than the previous 1000. But this is only the start. Thanks to unprecedented connectivity between people, places and things – otherwise known as the Internet of Things (IoT) – the rate of change is only going to increase.

11.11.16 Paul Thomas

Make your mobile app stand out

Welcome to our blog series on ‘AppOps’—the processes and tools by which companies can best operate and manage their mobile applications. This first article talks you through how to make your mobile app stand out.

28.10.16 Michael Hobbs

The Connected Worker

The rise of the Connected Worker…and their Connected Workplaces

27.06.16 Ben Salama

Digital Solutions to help build trust

To build relationship the police must engage the public through digital tools and channels with which people are most familiar.

24.06.16 Allan Fairley

Technology in the Courtroom

Digital Justice is part of the ‘Future of Public Services’ series from the UK Government think-tank ‘Reform’ and Accenture.

27.06.16 Louise Seymour

Smart Cities

Catalysing the Digital Economy

27.06.16 Jen Hawes-Hewitt

Turning digital dreams into a reality

In my more recent conversations with execs across multiple industries, there are several issues which are blamed for keeping them awake at night, the three most commonly cited are: How do we retain our customers and earn their trust? How do we increase our employee engagement? How do we become more agile and rapidly innovate?

7.05.16 Nick Taylor

Digital Transformation 2.0

‘Chapter One’ in the digital revolution is drawing to a close. Digital is no longer an add-on: it should be a core part of any business.

27.06.16 Narry Singh

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Make your mobile apps stand out

Welcome to our blog series on "AppOps"—the processes and tools by which companies can best operate and manage their mobile applications. Why is AppOps important? Because companies have moved beyond the "We need an app" phase and now are asking, "How do we unlock more value from mobile?" and, "How do we keep consumers engaged?" The size of the prize available to companies who get AppOps right in mobile is large, so competition is fierce. In this first blog in our series we focus on how companies can help consumers more easily find and download their apps.

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