February 06, 2017
6 years of 6 Nations: 6 years of digital innovation
By: Arabel B.

Six years as the Official Technology Partner for the RBS 6 Nations has taken Accenture Digital on an incredible journey of discovery. The partnership has allowed us to develop and showcase new and emerging digital technologies that have not only changed the way sports fans engage with Rugby’s Greatest Championship, but has also highlighted their uses for a much wider business audience.

As digital technology advances, so do consumer expectations. This means businesses and enterprises of all sectors must work harder to maintain a digital experience that is as good, if not better, than that of their customers’ most recent digital interaction. With the RBS 6 Nations, to ensure fans continue to be both entertained and captivated, we have developed advanced and visual analytics that enable them to "see beyond" the traditional statistics. We do this by taking the mass of information generated from each game to reveal previously unseen insights to the user, through patterns, trends and themes; allowing fans to scrutinise the game like never before.

Turning big data into usable insights, and developing analytical capabilities is not just affective in the world of sport however. The key digital solutions of mobility, analytics and Augmented and Virtual Reality that Accenture have been using to enhance fan experiences, can also be replicated and applied to wider businesses.

As part of our partnership with RBS 6 Nations, Accenture created and continues to deliver the official Championship app. The app provides play-by-play text from live data feeds, integrates visual analytics features and enables fans to share opinions and statistical facts through links to social media.

Similarly, most businesses can interact and engage more personally with their customers by building digital services or an app. However, before doing so it’s important to consider how your consumers engage with the product or service today, and how they need and want different things at different times and contexts. It’s about understanding what they’re looking for. Build the experience around their needs and use digital channels to get the feedback that will ease the process of continuous improvement.

During the course of the RBS 6 Nations, Accenture’s analytics experts process more than 28.5 million rows of data. Using this data and advanced algorithms, we created our Analytics Dashboard which presents dynamic and digestible features that display insightful stories and provide a deeper understanding of the match stats and data beyond the obvious. Replicating these advanced analytics and algorithms could aid your business to make better data-driven predictions. Whether it’s to run a water treatment plant more efficiently, or optimise production from an offshore gas rig by anticipating and preventing outages.

This year, we are developing a cinematic, full body mixed reality experience that extends virtual reality from the individual to a wider audience. As the technology becomes more mainstream VR and AR will break out in a much broader range of applications that will open opportunities across a vast range of industries. Keep an eye on the latest innovative experiences to see how they’re being applied and understand how they could integrate in their business to add most value.

The future is exciting. Digital allows organisations to reinvent the art of the possible, better connect with customers, and understand their businesses in ways that just a few years ago were straight out of science fiction. Yet, the speed at which change is occurring means every business needs to pay close attention, in order to unlock trapped or unseen value.

Multiple technologies are coming of age at the same, what’s more, they’re converging to create massive waves of disruption for businesses. Therefore, organisations are going to have to not just rethink how they do things, but also re-examine what they do. And this new digital reality is not going to happen tomorrow. It’s right here, right now.


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