June 22, 2021
Designs on diversity
By: Abbie Walsh

Accenture Interactive really focuses on what we call experience transformation - everything to do with the experience that a customer or a person has with an organisation or brand. That could be the digital experience, the shop or store experience, or even the physical office experience. Our designers are made up of lots of different flavors and they cover everything from the strategy to the execution. Accenture Interactive also has a big creative, advertising and comms aspect to it so a lot of ‘famous’ ads you'll see on TV may well have been done by us too.

What’s interesting about Accenture Interactive is that we have quite a few acquired companies that are now part of our family. I now lead the design practice in the UK but came here via the Fjord acquisition in 2014. That acquisition was a bit of a beacon in the industry as it was the first design agency to be acquired by a consultancy - in fact, within Accenture, you quite often hear people say it's one of the most successful acquisitions they have ever done, so I’m proud to have been part of that. Now, we also have many other successful acquisitions, such as Karmarama, Droga5, Rothco and Bow & Arrow and, as each new acquisition comes in, they bring their own culture and flavour to the mix. That’s great because it gives you a real diversity of skills and mindsets and you have the chance to meet and work with lots of different-minded people.

I know everybody says the same but what I love about working here is the people. I’m always stunned by the brilliance of our people as well as the quality of their work. There’s a mentality here that we can do anything, we can achieve anything, we can solve anything if we come together. And that’s proved so true during the past year-and-half as we’ve effectively built a new design practice during lockdown and everybody’s come together from different parts of the business to really create something special.

We now have around 160 people in the practice but we’re growing quickly and will be closer to 200 people in a few months. We’re passionate about building a really diverse team and that’s a number-one priority for me, ensuring we have true diversity. We’re looking for broad mix of new colleagues right now and that’s across the board: senior folk who can come in to partner with clients and help us grow the business; fresh grads just out of university who’ve maybe got design qualifications; or those who aren’t graduates but have a flair and passion for what they do. The work you can do here impacts everyone, everywhere and really does make a difference to society - whether that's working with the health industry or helping to make banking more accessible and personal for customers. If you’ve an open mind, are curious about learning and want the chance to meet and work with a diverse mix of remarkable and very smart people, then I believe we have a huge opportunity for you to be part of Accenture Interactive.

If you’re interested in a career with Accenture Interactive, visit our website where you can find out more and search live roles..

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