May 20, 2019
The delights of a diverse ecosystem.
By: Kerry Townsend

I’ve been working on the Salesforce platform for about 12 years now, in fact my career has grown on this platform and I’m very grateful for that. I see Salesforce having immense success and working at Accenture, with the tight relationship we have, enables me to be part of that.

Kerry Townsend London's Calling Selfie

I help organise two of the Salesforce community conferences and I’m a community group leader as well as a Salesforce MVP. I like to contribute to and talk at events, so it’s also given me a platform to hone my public speaking skills, which I didn’t have before. It allows me to make a real contribution and help others. With Salesforce I’ve found a connection with a diverse group of great people who all have the same outlook - I meet a range of people in my role and this gives us something in common - they are also people who are very good at what they do with a distinct set of skills.

Personally, I get a sense of delight from that diversity focus and I enjoy working in an inclusive environment with people from varied backgrounds and different parts of the globe. As the Number 1 Salesforce Partner we work together to lead the way in all aspects of business for our clients, but we have a close affinity with the Salesforce approach to diversity and stewardship too. Like us, Salesforce has a Women’s network, and other affinity groups such as BoldForce and OutForce, and a commitment to initiatives such as International Women’s Day and International Men’s Day. So, in that respect we’re very aligned culturally and that fuels my passion for the platform and its ecosystem.

Over the years, I’ve seen the platform evolve from the very basic, where you could do very little with limited customisation and no cross-object formulas. I was using it when Apex and Visual Force were launched, which are both proprietary coding languages (back in 2008). The capabilities it has now compared to then is vast. It now allows organisations to implement real transformation and that’s what I envisaged from the very beginning – that it was a vehicle to connect multiple departments – it’s that sort of IT vision where there’s a level of organisation transformation that is possible, and it’s the platform that enables you to make it a reality.

In the future I think we’re increasingly going to see a move to AI and IoT, but in terms of the space that I work in some of the transformation that we’re seeing is not specifically the technology but also the way that Salesforce is educating on the roles in the ecosystem. Specifically, in the past 18 months we’ve seen the emergence of the architect who not only understands the full breadth and scope of the different clouds but also technologies off-platform and, how they connect together in order to satisfy the business and ultimately the human need.

Kerry and Andrew at Dream Force 19

I see Salesforce World Tour in London as an opportunity to understand the changes and developments in our local UK Salesforce ecosystem as well as hear first-hand from Salesforce, their focus, so we understand what our clients will be getting excited about in the next 6 months and the direction we’re going-in towards Dreamforce, which takes place in the other half of the year. That helps me to understand where we are with our positioning and our understanding. You also connect with lots of different people from this vibrant community and come away with new ideas, which I find very energising.

If you’re going to be at Salesforce World Tour in London, do drop by our booth to meet the team and find out more about careers with us. You can also see all our opportunities for Salesforce professionals here.

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