July 05, 2016
A Day in the Life of a Screenager
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I have been looking at the advent of the "screenager": Today’s digitally-mature and demanding consumers. The screenager represents a huge opportunity for businesses able to deliver new digital services that exploit these smart devices. In this blog, the second in the series, I am going to illustrate some examples of these services by taking a look at a day in the life of one of our screenagers.

Meet Cathy. Cathy relies on connected, smart services throughout her day; intelligent services enabled by the Internet of Things and delivered by a universe of businesses and services that have Cathy at their centre.

08.00am – It’s a chilly winter morning but Cathy’s car is snug and ready to go. Analysis of Cathy’s previous driving habits "tells" the car the time she will need to use it, while in-built temperature sensors alert it to the fact it needs to automatically defrost the windscreen and turn on the heating.

11.00am – Cathy works in construction and wants an update on a building her firm is working on. She dials into a video conference where she is shown live-streamed footage from a drone, giving her all the information she needs

13.30 – Cathy takes a break as her lunch arrives. Cathy is a member of a new subscription service that sends her a surprise meal each day based on an analysis of selected preferences, foods she has "liked" and reviewed on social media and other relevant data (such as the weather and which foods are in season). Today it’s ramen, one of Cathy’s favourites since her recent trip to Japan.

18.30 – Cathy knocks off work. Her car has automatically programmed the best route home, but a traffic jam up ahead threatens delays to the journey. However, Cathy’s car is on the case—aware from traffic and social media reports that the jam has formed, the car dynamically updates its route plan and guides Cathy home via a less busy route.

18.45 – While Cathy is travelling home, she realises she will miss the start of a football game she was keen to watch. But that’s no problem; her home entertainment system has realised this is a programme Cathy wouldn’t want to miss and so has set it to record; at the same time sending an alert to her phone to let her know it’ll be waiting for her. As Cathy never watches football without a takeaway. Her phone also orders ahead to her favourite restaurant so that the meal arrives shortly after Cathy gets home.

22.30 – it’s been a long week and Cathy’s family go to bed early. Recognising that everybody is in their bedrooms, the house management system adjusts the ambient temperature earlier than usual

This is the promise of the connected world of the screenager. But it is not one many people have adopted fully. This is because while companies are releasing more and more intelligent devices and IoT applications, consumers have yet to be sold on their value propositions. If businesses want to make connected services that screenagers will buy they must ensure:

  • Services are easy to use and deliver clear benefits to the consumer (some 64 percent of people have faced problems when using intelligent devices).

  • Experiences are agile and real-time—smooth and safe (47 percent of screenagers are concerned about privacy and security issues, while the lack of service quality is also causing frustration).

Screenagers will only use services that are highly-available, free from advertisements and other service quality issues and which are intuitive and secure. So while being first to market is important to winning market share, this cannot be at the cost of quality and ease of use. Screenagers love connectivity, but only high-quality connectivity.

There is no better way to understand more about what makes screenagers tick than to hear it from them directly. The final blog in this series therefore comes from one such screenager and should make for some very interesting reading.

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