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March 03, 2016
Settling Down
By: Charlie Manthorp

Hi all, starting to look like this will be an irregular blog post from here on in!

My original eight week timeframe at the large health and public sector client has now morphed into a proposed six month role, quite possibly with the option to stay on for longer. My performance testing responsibilities have come to an end and I am now being trained on the job as an Integration Designer until the end of April. I made this voluntary decision to stay at the same client for several key reasons which I believe are important in any individual’s career and working life, especially one at Accenture.

Arguably the biggest factor that influenced my decision was the group of people I have contact with on a daily basis. I am mainly referring to the fantastic Accenture team that I am delighted to be a part of. However, I am also very fortunate to be answering to some great client stakeholders and collaborating with high quality contractors who have an influence on my personal contribution to the project. I am in total awe of my Senior Manager who leads the project and also have two fantastic mentors in my Line Manager and Performance Test Lead. The support here has been invaluable and was the foundation on which my decision to extend my time on the project was made.

Location also played a key role in the decision making process. Although a consultant needs to be flexible and adaptable, especially when it comes to the site of a project, I feel very settled in my commute and am still finding new bars, parks and interesting areas to explore every week. Being close to family, friends and loved ones is pivotal in my perception of achieving an enjoyable work life balance and I am fortunate to have this in my favour at this time.

Some of you may be surprised that I have yet to mention how the type of role on offer influenced my decision making process. Being at such an early stage of my Accenture life and having come in to the company without an idea of my career direction, I am currently open to try whatever role is put in front of me. The role of Integration Designer is certainly posing me some challenges. It is very technical and requires an ability to trace data through a series of tables where transformations are made, as well as identifying fixes to issues that arise in a test or production environment. Although yet to fully grasp everything the role requires, I am learning more and more each day. As I get to grips with each new concept, my enjoyment increases as I become more autonomous and independent in my responsibilities...and I have even started to teach some of these concepts to new joiners!

To finish this brief update, I would like to hammer home the message of flexibility. Undoubtedly it is great to have defined goals and clear aspirations early on in your career, but if there is a lull in roles in your chosen field, don’t be afraid to jump head first into something completely different as you never know what you may find.

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