January 12, 2016
By: Charlie Manthorp

Before I start, I would like to apologise for the distinct lack of adherence to my bi-weekly format. Let’s just say ‘regular’ from now on…

Just a few days after completing my first blog post, I excitedly left the relative safety of the London Fenchurch Street office to spread my wings and embark upon my first chargeable client role. The task: Assist a performance test team as they put a new software solution through its paces for a large H&PS (Health and Public Sector) client. It is not a role generally filled by an Analyst from the Strategy & Consulting Programme as it is better suited to those from the client operations route, due to its technical nature. However, I couldn’t resist the challenge and was enticed by the project’s persuasive senior manager.

When you start at Accenture you may hear some less than positive comments about testing roles from within your start group. This stems from their supposedly high propensity for slow moving, repetitive or anti-social workloads. If I’m honest, most people just pull an awkward face which reads ‘I saw someone else pull this face when I mentioned testing once, so that’s what I do now’. Generally, I like to experience things for myself and go in with as much of an open mind as possible, so I was not put off by the negative feedback I originally encountered.

Fortunately, my experience so far has been overwhelmingly positive. There are two others in the performance test team and a total of 12 Accenture resources (people) in the area of the client office where I work, so it’s always a social environment. My direct colleagues have been incredibly welcoming and their patience and role guidance continues to be invaluable. Being a technology novice, it’s been great to start learning simple technical concepts such as the structure of a basic I.T. system or how individual pieces of hardware communicate with servers. Once I had grasped the more general I.T. principles, I moved on to the specifics of performance testing. I’ve recently learned the intricacies in measuring if the Accenture built solution will perform to expectations and won’t harm the existing client network and/or systems when released into production.

I could not have asked for more from my first role and am so glad that I dived into it head first. I think a short project (this role is only eight weeks long) is ideal for your first, especially if you are not dead set on working in a particular area of the business, as it allows you to sample one type of role and move on to another with relative ease. I now look forward to completing the task at hand and building on my career at Accenture.

I hope you enjoyed this quick update!


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