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March 12, 2018
British Triathlon Partnership: Diversity Boosts Performance
By: Accenture UK

As a Lead Partner of British Triathlon, Accenture works hand in hand with the sport's world-class athletes and coaches to enhance performance, and champion inclusion and diversity through our support of the inclusive Mixed Relay format; because nothing beats working together.

Diversity boosts performance in sport, at work, in business and in any team. Watch the video below to hear British Triathlon’s athletes and coaches tell us why they think diversity is crucial to high performing teams and how triathlon can be a sport for everyone.


Mixed Relay is a new format of triathlon, in which a team of 4 participants (two men and two women) compete together. Each team member completes a short triathlon before tagging in the next team member, relay style. The format will be included as an Olympic event for the first time in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

As the Official Mixed Relay Partner, Accenture will support the expansion of British Triathlon's Mixed Relay Cup with three elite events in 2018, as well as launching the Accenture Mixed Team Challenge; a new, perfect for beginners, mass participation triathlon format visiting cities across the UK. Sign your team up now!

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