February 20, 2018
Aspiring to be the best
By: Adrian Love

Adrian talks about the importance of Inclusion & Diversity within Accenture, his own learning curve and why he’s super proud of his team.

Adrian Love

“I am super proud to lead and be part of the UKI Recruitment team. Whilst we wouldn’t be cheeky enough to say that right now we’re the best recruitment team there is, this year we're certainly aspiring to be ‘in the top one.’”

Accenture has always had such a strong and attractive brand – and if any company is going to become famous for the way it goes about recruiting new talent, I’m convinced it will be us! So, when I was approached to take on this role, I couldn’t say no.

I lead a team of around 130 people responsible for providing recruitment support across all aspects of the business and I’m super proud to lead and be part of the UKI Recruitment team. Whilst we can’t say that right now we’re the best recruitment team there is, this year we’re certainly aspiring to be ‘in the top one’.

Talent acquisition, schools outreaching schemes, onboarding, inductions, compliance and reporting are all on my radar. I’m also involved in delivering our inclusion and diversity agenda. We’ve set ourselves an ambitious but achievable target of a 50/50 gender split by 2025, but there’s more to it than that – improving social mobility, for example, or opportunities for those from BAME backgrounds or people who have a disability. These are all things that we work hard on and aim to do more.

A key initiative has been looking into our approach towards apprenticeships. We have a long-standing commitment to developing early talent. Improving the skill-set of young people is crucial to enabling any business to grow, but we believe that apprenticeships are also intrinsically linked to social mobility, which we’re proud to champion and support. It’s been fascinating developing our apprenticeship schemes, as well as our outreach to schools and seeing them deliver practical value. We’re giving young people opportunities to join a company that might have previously been outside of their awareness, while welcoming the new attitudes and perspectives they bring to the business.

It’s been an accelerated learning curve in the months I’ve been with Accenture, and not just because of the projects I’ve been working on. It’s been a real eye-opener to see how Accenture operates at the cutting edge of life-changing technology. With visits to The Dock in Ireland, for instance, I’ve seen how we build and deliver really cool stuff. From my own point of view, I‘ve been particularly interested in how our technology improves the candidate experience and changes the way people work.

From day one, I’ve found that Accenture is such a genuinely nice to place to work. For a large organisation, there’s a surprisingly personal feel: We’re open, collaborative and innovative – innovation is a real cultural trait here and that permeates HR. We can truly bring our whole selves to work, and while we put a lot into our jobs, we get a lot back. The work-life balance I enjoy here means I can indulge my passions for Nottingham Forest FC, my wife Christie, our home and our puppy Buddy Love!

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