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May 19, 2016
Accenture and Me
By: Anusha Samineni

Hello everyone! I’m Anusha Samineni. After more than three years of work experience with a large bank offshore, I chose to pursue my postgraduate studies and gained a year internship experience in the UK, on .Net & Microsoft Dynamics CRM based web development. It was a steep learning curve with on the job learning and gaining two Microsoft certifications. After graduating with an MSc Computer Science, I joined Accenture in August 2015 at London office, as a Software Engineer. My first project was in the Innovation Programme where I learnt about and implemented hybrid mobile applications using open source technologies such as MEAN stack, Ionic apps etc.

“We are changing the world with technology” – Bill Gates. I agree with this statement and yes indeed Accenture is playing a key role in global transformation towards digitalisation and developing smart technology solutions.

I am currently working for a large client in the utilities industry, in various roles as an Oracle SOA Integration Practitioner. This will be my second project with the same client and I think it has been a great experience. I’ve found it quite interesting learning about the, ins and outs of how various utility services are provided to meet the needs of businesses/household sectors. I am also aiming to gain another certification in Oracle SOA 12C soon to add value to client business by using smart features for various business needs.

From day one, many things surprised about the work culture within Accenture. People in the organisation are very helpful and I was inspired by the latest technological solutions. During the first couple of years with the company we can experiment and learn as many technologies as we want across various industries. We can specialise on any specific technology through various internal and external certifications, trainings and online courses/e-books. As long as we are willing to learn at a fast pace, there will always be surprises on our way!

Thank you very much for reading my post. Wish you all good luck! :)

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