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April 20, 2016
Graduate Training
By: Anthony Browne

Greetings, it has been a while since my last post on here. As promised this instalment shall be focusing upon the training opportunities that Accenture offers for graduate Software Engineers.

Upon joining Accenture, you will go through initial training, which will be tailored to both your skillset and to Accenture’s needs. Some key areas of training include; Java, Testing and Dev Ops. I took my initial training in Testing, and gained an ISTQB Foundation Level Certification in the process (more information on this can be found in my first post). This was classroom based training which lasted for three days, and was held in central London. It covered key topics such as: the different types of Testing (mainly Functional Testing), the different Test phases, their importance, key stakeholders and key documentation. At the close of the training was an exam, which you needed to pass in order to gain the certification. The course was not only useful in providing me with fundamental knowledge about the Testing process, but it was also key for networking with my peers.

I had thought at the time that this would be the only training that I would receive in my new job. However, a few months later I was sent an email regarding some training in Madrid. This came as a surprise to me as I did not know that this would be offered to my start group. In December we boarded a plane and flew out to Madrid. However, as exciting as this sounds, I should remind you that I am unfortunately not writing a holiday review!

The UK Technology Graduate Core School was hosted over two weeks in Madrid. The course covered the system Lifecycle in depth, exploring each stage with a lot of detail in order to ensure we were aware of the processes on an Accenture project. The structure of the course was largely based around case studies, which helped to ensure that we had fully understood everything that had been covered. The favourite activity of course, was the opportunity to give presentations to the group. For our presentation, my group decided to use the format of Pictionary in order to keep everyone focused after a long day of training.

Training is typically led by Managers and Senior Managers within the company, who used both their own, and our experiences to make the material more relevant and useful.

Moving away from the work aspect of the training, the hotel in which it was hosted was absolutely amazing. Many of the rooms had excellent views of Madrid, which made waking up early (often well before breakfast) to admire the skyline of Madrid.

Madrid Sunrise

A large aspect of the training was to get many of the new starters to begin building networks. I’m sure that you will be aware that this is a vital part of working at Accenture. There were many team building activities, networking events and large dinners which provided a key opportunity to get to know our peers and any Senior Managers leading the course. One activity which we had to do was to build an Aqueduct, which would have been really enjoyable and interesting if it hadn’t been for all of the splinters!



However, as with all trips abroad, they must come to an end. I hope that you enjoyed this post, come back next time!

Departure Board

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