November 21, 2016
WIRED: Next Generation
By: Anita Nkurunziza

It felt quite surreal attending the 2016 Wired Next Generation event which Accenture was the headline partner for. Held at East London’s Tobacco Dock; the place was buzzing with flying drones, VR headsets, Hologram stands, the Accenture Augmented Reality stand and many more. It was aimed at 12 to 18 year olds who got to hear from a number of speakers, to mention a few there was Krtin Nithiyanandam; a teen Neuroscientist, Heston Blumenthal; entrepreneur and pioneer chef, Luke Wolferstan-Bannister; the teen World Drone Prix champion and Madeline Gannon a Robotics artist.

As brand ambassadors; a couple of colleagues and I came in to engage with the attendees and be that support during the FabLab workshops on Gadget creation and Robot Coding. I must say I was pretty impressed and inspired by some of the attendees. Particularly intriguing was one 13 year old with his hoodie up, fully engaged on his smartphone; when asked what he was up to, he casually replied that he was coding Python (a programming language!)... From what I saw that day, it looks like our future is in pretty good hands.

Fablab print workshop

Fablab Print workshop

FabLab London’s 3D Printing Workshop in action at WiredNextGen

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