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April 22, 2016
By: Anita Nkurunziza

Operations is quite a wide term, it may mean different things to different people. To one, it could mean keeping the production line running, to another it may mean ensuring that the baggage handling systems and check-in services are running smoothly. So, what does Accenture Operations mean? Think of it having four aspects: BPO | Infrastructure | Cloud | Security. All very relevant in this day and age of cyber-security, cloud platforms, process automation, offshoring and nearshoring.

In my five months of joining the Operations Graduate Scheme, I have become more familiar with BPO [Business Process Outsourcing]. It involves solutioning, mobilising, and delivery of outsourcing services; which consist of a number of offerings such as Supply Chain BPO, Finance BPO, HR BPO and Procurement BPO to mention a few. Aside from the Big BPO, Accenture Operations also provides Analytics as a service and Capacity Solutions which offers clients flexibility depending on their operational needs. So it’s quite an exciting platform to join as it’s got loads of learning opportunities!

Speaking of learning opportunities, the Operations Graduate scheme is organised in a way that it allows the grads to experience the business through four rotations. Each rotation could include a number of exciting projects depending on the role. My first rotation is in Client Delivery of Procurement BPO. Prior to this, myself and the five other brilliant new joiners in my start group paired up and took part in a mini “Greenhouse” competition in our first month. This involved coming up with, and presenting futuristic internal business ideas to senior colleagues *exciting!

So it’s been a very enlightening start at Accenture. I must say, one of the things I admire the most about the company is how collaborative the work environment is. The people here want to see you succeed, and there are lots of people to help as you navigate your way in the corporate world. There’s buddies, career counsellors, supervisors and mentors. Some quick tips that helped me throughout the application process: understand the Operations offerings, read case studies of the clients that Accenture has worked with, and come prepared with some well thought-out questions you may want to ask. Lastly: practice, practice, practice!

I hope I’ve provided you with a brief understanding of Accenture Operations, all the best; Anita.


Branded cupcakes :)

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