October 04, 2016
Oh the possibilities ...
By: Anita Nkurunziza

One of the best things about working at Accenture are the various networks to get involved in outside of the day job. Since I joined last October, I have had the opportunity to take part in events led by Accenture’s African and Caribbean Network, Accent on Ethnicity, Give and Gain volunteering and the Operations London Community. Taking part in these not only built my confidence within the firm, it also helped expand my network.

So, there’s never a dull quarter here… At the moment I’m supporting the London Community team with the winter-event planning/comms, and last quarter I was part of a team that put together a Breakfast event for the Operations’ Accent on Ethnicity Leadership talk (*croissants heaven!*).

Being originally Rwandan, ethnicity resonates with me as it’s very much a part of Rwanda’s past; a country which has blossomed and has grown to be one of the fastest emerging economies in the region. So I was proud to be a part of a team that emphasises the value of ethnicities.

I must say, it’s made my time at the company so much more fulfilling. If you have a flair for event planning or marketing and the like, there’s definitely opportunities to utilise your strengths in these areas, the possibilities are endless!

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