March 15, 2017
Andie Meets Accenture
By: Andie Constantinides

Hi everyone – my name is Andie and welcome to my first blog post! I’m going to give you a brief introduction about myself and my experience with Accenture so far (don’t worry, it’s all very positive).

I’ve been with Accenture for three weeks now, after what feels like a life-time of waiting to start my dream job. Before starting my role here, I used to constantly check the Graduate Blog site, keen to find out more about what life at Accenture was really like. So, I’m using this space to share my experiences and insights to help you guys know exactly what to expect before you start your own Accenture journey.

Before joining Accenture, I studied Retailing, Marketing and Management at Loughborough University (no, we aren’t all athletes) and completed a placement year at a large document services company in Greater London during my third year of studies. Whilst I enjoyed my time there and gained invaluable experiences, I realised that I wanted more from my job. I wanted to be able to travel, to meet new people on a daily basis, to work in different teams and to experience a diverse range of clients from different industry sectors. With this in mind, my graduate job search pointed in one direction – consultancy. Whilst I looked at a number of different firms, Accenture stood out as an inspirational company who offered a variety of opportunities for their employees, and had a genuine interest in their well-being. From start to finish the application process was quick and simple, and before I knew it I’d accepted the position and turned up for my first day of training bright-eyed and bushy tailed.

I am currently on the Consulting programme, working as a Technology Analyst. The title still seems very scary to me as I have limited experience in this field but it’s an exciting prospect, especially with new innovations on the horizon such as Artificial Intelligence. Did you know that by 2020, 85% of customer interactions in retail will be managed by Artificial Intelligence? Insane!

So, after completing two weeks of incredibly fun and informative training in London, and meeting the rest of my start-group (they are all awesome, all 50 of them), I’ve just finished the first week on my very first Accenture project post training. The training was even better than expected – it was super interactive with numerous competitions (great if you are anything like me and a tad on the competitive side…) and plenty of team work and activities. Also, a massive perk worth mentioning; the food was A-MAZING. From the croissants at breakfast, to the cheeseboard at lunch and the cakes in the afternoon, we were definitely well-fed. Whilst tiring at times, the training was so diverse and I spent the whole two weeks bouncing around like an excitable child. One of the biggest highlights for me was winning the M&S Case Study challenge and gaining the opportunity to go for a swanky breakfast in Borough Market with one of the Managing Directors at Accenture. It was a great way to the end the two weeks on an absolute high.

After finishing the first week on my project and entering the real world of work, I’m still as excitable now as I was on the first day. Every day presents a new, and welcomed, challenge. My next post will talk more about my transition from training to my first project with a large financial services company in London.

Look forward to speaking to you then!

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