February 02, 2016
Hello World!
By: Amie Napper

I would like to introduce myself as I start to let you in to my journey starting with Accenture.

I’m Amie and as part of the October 2015 start group, it is now coming up to the end of my fourth month with Accenture. I joined the company as a Management Consulting Analyst on the Strategy & Consulting programme.

Prior to joining Accenture I studied Business Management with a year in industry at the University of Birmingham. Leaving the student life behind, I got on board with Accenture just three months after graduating. For me, this was perfect timing as it meant I had time to travel around South and Central America for 10 weeks before I started. For anyone with a bucket list of countries to visit, I would highly recommend to take some time travelling before you start working. One great thing about Accenture is that they offer start dates throughout the year.

So, a little bit about me…

I’m an avid sportswoman. I love getting involved in most sports but netball truly has my heart. I played for the university 1st team and joint-captained the club whilst I was at university - Wednesday match days have to be the thing I miss most about being at university! I’m a keen tennis player and love playing casually too with my friends and I’m currently training for the Shakespeare Half Marathon! Aside from sport, I am partial to a good old country walk, going out with friends to music events and have recently started learning Spanish (my logic is that if I write this down publically, I now feel more motivated to get on and do it!)

So why did I join Accenture?

The main thing that made me choose Accenture is the variety of clients we work with and the industries we work in. This offers copious variety for different opportunities and experiences to widen my knowledge as I learn in the company. Like many, leaving university doesn’t necessarily mean you know exactly what you want to do or where you want to be in five years time! But, Accenture provides an excellent professional foundation and environment for you to build skills in new areas, teach others and work in great teams.

Thanks for reading :)


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