November 10, 2016
By: Ami Shirley

Hello :) In my last post I talked about how I ended up at Accenture; this time I’ll rundown what happens once you start, as I guess that’s what you’d like to know.

So, my first two days were Orientation & Induction, facilitated by a Manager and Managing Director, helped out by Analysts who’d joined not long beforehand. When I arrived, I got a few branded goodies (notebook and a pen!) and a quiz sheet... This was a long list of ‘quirks’ – each one belonged to a different newbie, so we had to talk to everyone to get a name for every quirk. We also had our photos taken for our security passes – consider this your warning to make sure you have done your hair!

To break the ice some more, we were put into random teams; it was a race against time to complete various challenges and score the most points. Sadly, we were pipped to first place by a suspiciously large team(!); our valiant efforts were not enough. :(

After this, the rest of these two days gave my Start Group (all forty or so new Analysts, including myself) an overview of Accenture’s operating model, the Consulting industries and some general admin info (Payroll, HR, etc. - the usual). There was a big emphasis on putting ourselves out there (not like that) to build a network, as this is how you find roles and opportunities (and friends!) in the future.

After the Orientation & Induction, we had loads of presentations and activities facilitated by different people; it was a perfect time to chat and get contacts in areas that interested us. Most of our sessions were overseen/run by the Faculty – three or four Consultant/Managers who volunteered to train us wide eyed grads. Our Faculty were great; they answered our stupid questions and gave us some unofficial tips for life on projects. If you decide to apply to Accenture, make sure you become besties with your Faculty! They are invaluable!

Alongside all this, everyone worked on a case study; this was a whistle-stop tour of the life of a project which really helped to put all the new information into some context. We learned how Strategy teams work with clients to define what project outcomes should be; how Consulting teams in different industries plan how to meet project aims; how Technology teams deliver technical (including IT) solutions; how Operations teams work with our clients to ensure solutions fit into their business; and finally how Digital teams get involved throughout so that Accenture always offers the best of what’s out there!

There were countless situations when teams presented their case study ideas, so it was a great opportunity, if you weren’t used to presenting, to get some experience. This lead to a final pitch to the Faculty of our case study solutions – of course, my team, The Hydrate Consortium (#Hydr8) were awarded FIRST PRIZE of some excellent Accenture branded mugs and the obligatory chocolates, sweets and cake! (Our team name was hilarious at the time, but you probably had to be there…)

There may also have been team dances and scavenger hunts for some comic relief between sessions. Our very sweaty running around London to collect unusual items and photographic proof of us being awesome paid off: once again, The Hydrate Consortium’s efforts got us into FIRST PLACE!! Oh yes.

Training The Hydrate Consortium on our scavenger hunt. This task was to make a human pyramid in front of the Shard! (I'm top right)

The fortnight’s training was a fantastic introduction to life at Accenture; it was chock full of information and advice from some really wonderful people! My Start Group now have the world’s most active Whatsapp group (maybe) - we’ve definitely made some great friends, and networked our socks off!

Next time, I’ll probably talk about how we ended up on our first roles: a very mysterious process…. Bye for now – Ami :)

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