October 04, 2017
Accenture’s approach to Diversity and Inclusion
By: Chloe Leonard

In the transition from Uni life into the workplace, I’ve become a lot more aware of Diversity. At Accenture, I’ve become passionate about the topic of I&D, how we can improve Inclusion, how we can make not only just the workplace, but society as well, a more inclusive place for people of ethnic minority background. And that’s something that I’ve really realised working at Accenture. That’s a key thing.

The business is truly listening, and not only listening but taking action and trying to work with us to find out what that action should look like. So, in diversity events, it’s all well and good talking about action, but what are we actually putting in place?


It's been great to see what has come out the diversity sessions I've helped run as part of our African Caribbean network. We've put in place the Accelerate leadership programme, we've then put in place the discussion forums, an Inclusion & Diversity video, a Reverse Mentoring scheme. What's really powerful as well is that anyone can get involved, and those who are involved – and anyone actually – has such great accessibility to and support from the Leadership around us; the I&D Leadership are fantastic.

The fact that senior management reached out to me and asked me to me to lead a diversity group within the Analyst Consulting Group shows the business is willing to give people the power to try and do their own things for their own community, which is great.

It’s also good to see so many female role models at Accenture. Looking back at my experiences – lots of people who have made a big impact on my journey here have been women, and that has been a really positive thing to kind of step into. I have worked in other companies before which are very male-dominated, not just in terms of numbers because I guess number-wise, we are still male dominated here, but also in terms of the atmosphere. But here, there’s a great balance, and the women that are at leadership level and who act as inspiration are just so amazing.

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