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February 12, 2016
Yet Another Introductory Blog Post
By: Aashna Bhushan

Hi everyone! I’m Aashna and I joined Accenture’s Strategy & Consulting Programme as an Analyst in October 2015, along with some of the other writers on this blog, whose posts you’ll have no doubt been reading.

Before I joined Accenture, I studied History at Oxford. Consulting might seem like an odd career choice for someone who studied History, but halfway through writing my undergraduate thesis, I discovered that I wasn’t particularly fond of conducting research, so carrying on in History might not be the best option. The rest, as they say, was history (excuse the pun) and here I am now, in my fourth month working at Accenture.

Joining Accenture has been a bit of a whirlwind experience, from the initial fortnight of training in London, to a further fortnight of training in Chicago, to being staffed on my current project for a large UK retail bank. However, it has been an overwhelmingly positive one. I thought I’d spend my first blog post sharing two of the main reasons as to why:

  1. The diversity of the people
    ‘Diversity’ is a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot in big companies and definitely at Accenture. Essentially what it means is just having people from different walks of life. Within my start group alone, I expected to meet several other university graduates just like me, but was pleasantly surprised to learn that at least half had prior work experience, ranging from accountancy and audit, to teaching, to working at start-ups, and museum curation. Prior to joining, I’d thought that my own life had been fairly cosmopolitan, having lived in five countries over the course of my 21 years. Since joining, however, I’ve met people who’ve lived, studied, or worked in more countries in the last five years alone. These examples don’t really do enough justice to the variety of people I’ve had the pleasure to meet at Accenture, and the really interesting conversations I’ve had as a result.

  2. The variety of work
    Bearing in mind that I’ve only been working on a role for about eight weeks, I’ve already been able to do several different pieces of work, some of which have required qualitative analysis, and others which have required more quantitative analysis, pushing my (very basic) Excel skills to the limit. I’ve also been able to put myself forward for pieces of work that I find interesting within my project , which I think is a testament to how committed the company is to letting individuals manage their own careers.

I hope this post has helped at least a little in giving a snapshot of what it’s like to join Accenture as a company. In my next post I hope to be able to expand a bit more on what it’s like to work for a client and the different sorts of activities that Analysts can get involved in. Thanks for reading! :)

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