July 22, 2019
A day in my working life
By: Lakhbir Gill

Now that I’m nearing the last couple months of my first year with Accenture, I figured it would be a good time to give an insight into my day-to-day life and my somewhat established daily routine!


Every morning at 7am I am awoken by my alarm blaring the standard iPhone Radar sound. When I don’t press the snooze button, I usually lie in for 10 minutes scrolling through social media and read the morning news (sounds boring I know!). I somehow manage to drag myself out of my warm bed and stumble into my bathroom to begin my typical morning tasks including freshening up and getting dressed. Once ready at around 8am, I grab a piece of fruit and leave to catch my train.

My journey to the office usually takes an hour as I walk from my flat to Leamington Spa Station and then Warwick station to the office. The walk allows me to listen to some music, get some fresh air and some exercise as I prepare myself for the day ahead.

A morning’s work

Once I get into the office around 9am, I boot up my laptop and begin reading through my emails. Once caught up I grab a cup of tea and prepare for my daily 9.30 Scrum call, I tend to note down what I had completed the day before and what my aims are for the day in preparation. On the call my team discusses the priority tasks for the day, what was achieved the previous day and any bugs that have been raised by the client.

Between 10am-12pm, I will aim to complete my priority tasks for the day, have a few calls, add some progress notes to tasks and reply to priority emails. This is usually the busiest time for me and I tend to have to get dragged away from my desk to get another few cups of tea!

Time for lunch

I usually take my lunch around 12pm-1pm. My lunch for the day always varies from homemade sandwiches, left over meals from dinner the night before or I grab the meal of the day from the canteen. Sometimes I decide to take a walk with the other apprentices to get away from our screens and take in some of the beautiful outdoors.

Tasks, meetings and water

After lunch from 2pm-5pm, I will get back to completing my tasks for the day and attend any booked in meetings. For the rest of the day I usually switch to water to try and balance out the crazy amount of caffeine I’ve consumed.

And relax

At 5:30pm my day is over. I pack up all my stuff and make my way home. Usually I tend to go home and relax by watching some movies, to be prepared for the following day. Some Thursdays there is a curry night planned so a few of us from the office meet up after work and enjoy some drinks and Indian food.

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