March 14, 2019
24 hours as an Apprentice
By: Kathryn Pearce

Now that we’re into March and I’ve differentiated between the new year’s resolutions which were realistic and those that were bound to fail, for example giving up caffeine, I now have an established daily routine. I’ve been working at Accenture for 18 months, and this seems like a good time to share my typical day with you.

Every morning at 6:15am I’m awoken by my Amazon Alexa alarm blaring out the Thunderbirds theme tune at top volume. Once emerged from a deep sleep, I then begin my typical morning tasks including getting dressed and having breakfast. I usually consume a bowl of cereal or porridge, and a cup of coffee to fuel me for the day ahead. Back in January, I may have thrown in a green smoothie when I was making an extra effort to be health conscious, but that seems to have fallen by the wayside.

At 6:45am I’ll leave my house to walk to the station with the other commuters from my semi-rural village in Surrey. Commuting on public transport can often be frustrating, when there are delays, but this journey affords me some time to listen to music, my favourite podcasts or simply look out the window.

7:30am finds me in the gym near my Accenture office. Membership of which is subsidised by Accenture perks scheme. I will typically join a HIIT workout class which certainly gets my heart pumping and my head into gear.

By 8:30am I’m in and out of the shower, dressed and heading towards the Accenture Chancery Lane office; a short 5-minute walk away. One of my highlights from each morning is creating a foamy cappuccino with the coffee machine. I will then open my laptop, begin reading through my emails and attend my daily catch up call for my workstream which is used to prioritise tasks for the day.

Between 10am-12pm I will run some client calls, process notes, actions and respond to priority emails. This can often be quite a busy time in the office and sitting in a meeting room can give me some privacy.

12-1pm is generally when I will take lunch and if I haven’t bought it in with me, I will pop out the office for some Japanese food. Occasionally we will have a team lunch in the office which might be include Indian, Chinese or Lebanese cuisine. After lunch I will have a catch up with my career councillor where we will review career targets and set new ones. Typically, we’ll then have a whiteboard session used to support the learning of my current degree module or on Cisco Network theory, which is an interest of mine.

2-5pm I will attend team meetings, report on tasks and get involved in my community’s life@ activities such as, arranging events, creating communications and producing newsletters. I particularly enjoy placing the projects fruit order. I’ve found a way of re-categorising chocolate covered hobnobs as a member of the fruit family! Come 3pm, I enjoy a cup of tea and a piece of fruit (hobnob) when my sugar levels drop.

At 6pm I will often be out socialising with my team. Some of the great events I have enjoyed at Accenture include crazy golf, bowling, kwik cricket and comedy shows. Today I am off to try my luck at an escape room which is a fun team building activity. Since I have no hand-eye coordination, hopefully I’ll be more successful that my pitiful attempt at cricket last year. Team events will often end around 10pm after which I head home and rest up for the following day.

Want to see more on Kathryn’s working day? Visit our Instagram page and watch her ‘Story’ that’s saved to our bio. You can find out more about our apprenticeship opportunities on our website.

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