October 27, 2017
10 Things You Learn During Your First Two Weeks at Accenture
By: Alice Gurney

Congratulations! The email has come through and its official, you’re in. Welcome to Accenture! It’s time to pop the champagne and day dream about swishing around the office, laptop under the arm, feeling very official. If you’re like most people you could have a bit of a wait between receiving your offer and your start date; and if you’re anything like me that is a lot of time to develop first day jitters.

“Will I be overdressed?”

“Will I be underdressed?”

“Will everyone be more experienced than me?”

“Will they change their mind?”

“What if I fail the training?”

I’m here to tell you, you are worried about nothing. The first two weeks are universally acknowledged to be brilliant. To get you started here are my top 10 best things I learned during my first two weeks at Accenture.

10 Things You Learn During Your First Two Weeks at Accenture

It’s all you can eat but don’t eat all you can

  1. For the next two weeks, you will not be hungry. Training food is THE BEST.
  2. The other new starters are just as nervous as you.
  3. The other new starters are hilarious.
  4. The other new starters are now your best friends, forever.
  5. You are better at excel than you thought but you’ll pick up some new tricks.
  6. You are better at giving presentations than you thought but it’s still a bit nerve wracking.!
  7. Being late is a terrible crime and you will pay in the form of dance.
  8. Accenture is more varied than you could have imagined. In the first two weeks, you will get a real taste of the total variety of work available at Accenture as well as some of our most cutting-edge projects.
  9. Senior Accenture staff are refreshingly candid when discussing their experience in the company, and will not sugar coat their stories because you are new.
  10. And last but not least; you will learn that starting your career with Accenture was the right choice.
10 Things You Learn During Your First Two Weeks at Accenture

“Get in everyone, this one is for the insta #accenture #grads #workfam #wokeuplikethis”

And suddenly, your first two weeks are over and you’re released into the Accenture resource pool. Perhaps you’ll head straight to a project, or perhaps you’ll spend a little time on the bench. One thing is certain, you’re officially ready to begin.

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