May 27, 2015
What Does a Start Group Look Like
By: Nabil Alizai

On April 27th 2015, I became friends with 85 new people. My start group was huge, but luckily we regularly broke into different teams and so had a chance to meet many of them over the course of our training. The one thing that really struck me was how different everyone was. I think there’s often a pre-conception of what an Accenture graduate needs to be like, so in his blog I’m planning to illustrate just how varied a typical ACG start group can be.

University Degree

Of course everyone had a degree, as it’s a prerequisite – but some people had Masters’ degrees and we even had a couple of PhD’s with us! If you think you’re not studying the right course for Consulting, think again – we had Biomedical Science, Maths, German Literature, Business Administration, Law (even people who had done their LPC), Anthropology, Economics, Psychology and so much more.


As a company, we have a core value called ‘One Global Network’ so it’s no surprise my start group had people from the UK, Spain, India, Nepal, Hong Kong, Kenya, Colombia, Pakistan, Ireland, Italy, China, Malaysia and Finland.

Work Experience

About 7/8 people had completed internships with Accenture before and I’d already worked at Accenture. One person had just returned from 3 years working with Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Rwanda and South Africa. We had a couple of people who had started graduate programmes at accountancy firms. Of course we also had many people who had recently graduated from University and been travelling or worked in odd jobs until their Accenture start date.


I’d say the average age was probably 23. I’m 25 and a few others are. There’s some 27 year olds, and someone is 31. Age is not an issue. If you want to work in Consulting at Accenture, apply.


As a BME, LGBT man I definitely didn’t feel underrepresented. It was actually quite inspiring to be in a room full of people from all walks of like.

Relationship Status

A fluffy one to end on. We have married people, single people, and people in relationships – literally everyone!

I hope by reading this, you’ve accepted the main message I’m trying to get across. Don’t let preconceptions of ‘Accenture people’ cloud your judgement. If you want to apply, then apply and let the application process tell you if you’re the right fit.

Accenture Start Group Look Like

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