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November 11, 2014
Welcome to Horizons!
By: Harriet McClean
So as my first post, I thought I should just do a brief introduction of myself, where I'm from, my plans and aspirations and what I currently am doing at Accenture.
I'm Harriet, 19, and an intern on the Horizons Gap Year Scheme - and I'm loving it. It's all pretty full on and probably the steepest learning curve I've been on but the most valuable one as well. From doing History, English and Geography (with French AS) I'm now on a super tech-based role; you should have seen my face when I heard I'd be a data centre migration analyst and your reaction is probably the same as mine - a what? But that's the best part, you get thrown it right at the deep end (but with loads of fantastic help) just like a proper Analyst and you get to learn what it would really be like to be a full-time employee here.
Guess my first bits of advice should be on how to get here. Without giving the game away, make sure on your telephone interview you have read some case studies to be able to relate the questions asked to research you have done - always looks good to have gone the extra mile with your work. If you get through this, obviously the Assessment Centre day can be pretty daunting.
So breathe - it's better to be relaxed because you'll think way more clearly. Secondly, think logically. You aren't expected to know the exact answers to some parts of the day but a logical approach from an understanding on general day-to-day life is key. Another thing is make sure you hear and also get heard. You need to show you're an inclusive team player whilst being able to put your ideas confidently down on the table, as it were. My main bit of advice is do your research. Just reading some case studies, knowing little nuggets of information about what Accenture do and what we are will help you come up with a clearer and more concise idea that suits our business.
For now, I am working in Products and, as much as I'd like to say what a day-to-day schedule would look like, it's almost impossible as rarely two days are the same! I have a very client-facing role which suits me perfectly and the maintenance of the client stakeholder relationships has been key to the success of my role. I've racked up a fair few minutes on Lync (the internal telephone/chat messaging system) and being able to confidently talk and guide people on the phone is a skill you can't really undervalue. I travel to the client site for Tuesday-Thursday and this means I can deal with the client face to face as well as have some seriously fantastic nights out with the team. We all get along really well and there's never a week that goes by without something being orgainsed - 5-a-side football, badminton, meals, zumba: yep, you name it we've probably tried it here! You really can beat the feel of being part of such a wonderful team who are all so willing to help you!
Good luck with any of you who are in the process of applying! I remember thinking it was a bit of a shot in the dark but honestly, it's the best thing that could have happened to me - the team, the work, the exposure and experience are second to none and give a CV that stand-out flare that is so necessary in the job market today!

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