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September 09, 2015
A view from the bridge: Summer Intern edition
By: Irinie Opoku
Hello readers, my name is Irinie Opoku and I’m a Londoner who attends the University of Southampton studying a BSc in Economics, soon to enter third year. I applied to the Summer Vacation Scheme with Accenture during my frantic search for an internship earlier on in the year. Being an ex- Software Engineer student at university (only lasting two weeks), I guess we could say I do have some interest in technology right? Perhaps where coding and programming isn’t involved! Nonetheless, I guess I’m trying to say that the versatility of Accenture in terms of ever-growing and stimulating technology mixed in with consultancy captured my interest and made me eager to find out more.

Now at the end of the internship, I can say it’s been a great opportunity. The first week of training was held in the London office. It involved many group activities and skills-building workshops; not forgetting the treasure hunt task around the city of London on the first day! Hereafter I rolled onto my account which is based in outside of London. So I did unfortunately have to leave my comfortable abode I call home and commute weekly. However this forced me to put on my big girl trousers (or skirt) and take on responsibilities which I am proud of. 

Working with one of the largest high-street retailers definitely broadened my knowledge, giving me greater scope into Accenture as a business. I can definitely say that it has been an impactful learning curve, giving me the opportunity to meet great people and essentially work with the best. Taking on the role of an Analyst and dealing with large sets of sensitive client data gave me great independence and responsibility- leading to a sense of empowerment. The skills I walked in Accenture with have definitely changed to the skills I will be walking out with. Cheers to the corporate world- I will hopefully be back! Thanks for reading.

Irinie Opoku

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