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August 22, 2014
Up at the O2
By: Caroline Gadsby

With a week's holiday only an hour away, I've been pretty busy over the past couple of weeks.


My first task was to look into Accenture resources available to help on a project; despite it always having been like this when firing out emails and yammer posts into the ACN either, I'm always amazed at how willing people are to help out an Analyst with a random query. Within a day I'd received a number of very useful directions to pockets of knowledge, resources and tools  that we could use. Some of these will be very useful for a long term fix, and in the meantime I've gone back to trusty Excel to provide a solution.


On my first project I spent quite a lot of time on Excel, and it was great being able to use the skills I picked up to solve a 'problem' on my current client. Anyway, to condense two weeks into a few paragraphs, the resource profiling tool is up and running now in time for me to go on holiday - I just hope that there are no issues with it while I'm away at the Nantes art festival.

Another deadline imposed upon me was an event in London with my sub community which I was allowed to leave early from the client to get to. I'm not sure whether there have been any posts about sub communities, but essentially the ACG is split into 15 groups which socialise and network to make our large company feel smaller and more personal. I'll write more about sub comms at a later date, as our team definitely deserves a post!


So last night 12 of us climbed over the O2 (see incline above and team below); firstly it was a really fun thing to do on a work evening, but the best thing for me (being on a slightly remote project in a small team) was catching up with (and meeting) some of the London Analysts.


I'm not great at taking photos (actually, looking at these, I'm terrible), but you get the idea. I'm the one in the red waterproof  - well, I had just come from the wet and windy north west!

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