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May 29, 2015
Training in Kuala Lumpur
By: Nabil Alizai

Last week I reluctantly returned from an amazing fortnight in Kuala Lumpur attending ‘Accenture Management Consulting University: Live (AMCU: Live)’. I could easily sit here and type for days, but I don’t think me reminiscing too much is particularly interesting for you…

What did we learn at AMCU: Live?

  • How to read financial statements and demonstrate how we can drive shareholder value for our clients

  • How to use an issues based problem solving approach to ensure that we cover every angle when addressing a client’s need

  • How to construct a good client interview – including a particularly harrowing role play experience that I don’t want to relive anytime soon

  • Best practice program and project management techniques

  • What ‘value’ really means, and how to identify waste in a client’s current processes

  • Process mapping – including how to correctly identify a client’s current state (‘as-is’) and create our proposed future state (‘to-be’)

  • Accenture’s Management Consulting methodologies, which I won’t go into detail about because it’s confidential and sets us apart in the industry J

  • I could go on. The above was just the first 4 days, and it was a two week course!

What did we really learn at AMCU: Live?

  • Malaysia is an epically cool country and the food is both delicious and cheap – although I think I’m done with chicken satay for a while

  • Combining Analysts from the UK, China, Japan, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Australia leads to some hilarious moments, great memories and (hopefully) life-long friendships

  • When Accenture talks about the strength of its global network, it’s not a lie

  • Everybody is really good at speaking English, and I am rubbish at all other languages

  • The managers and senior managers who taught us had a ridiculous amount of expertise. It’s actually slightly nerve wracking to think one day we might also have as much!

  • Zouk is an AWESOME nightclub

  • Trying to Bollywood dance with Team India at the Accenture Talent Show WILL lead to funny consequences

  • It’s relatively easy to change the words and dance moves of the ‘YMCA’ to ‘AMC Way’

  • There’s no better feeling than your team winning the case study challenge and being presented with Accenture branded shoe bags

I’ve probably said enough! Accenture’s international training for the ACG is completely amazing, and I’m sorely missing it now that I’m back in London. The other half of our start group went to Bangalore for their training, and from talking to them this week, they seem to have had as awesome as a time as we did.

Ready for the 13 hour flight! (also, yes that is a selfie stick. No shame!)


Section 2 - Hands down the best of the 3 sections at AMCU!


Helipad was a seriously cool bar we visited in the first week. Check out that view!


The YMCA officially becomes the AMC Way!


"Team Win(to the power of 5)": Geraldine (KL), Liv (Shanghai), Denise (London), myself, Yuya (Tokyo) along with our faculty Bram (Amsterdam) and Ken (Tokyo)

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