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December 01, 2015
The Very Beginning
By: Charlie Manthorp

Welcome to my first blog post. This fortnightly update will enable you to track my journey as an Analyst in manageable instalments that may or may not provide a mildly informative and/or entertaining read.

I was part of this year’s October start group, having received an offer to join the Strategy & Consulting Programme in January and graduating from (probably) the best University in the World, Exeter, in the summer. Being a graduate who studied Exercise and Sport Science, I like to think that I represent a beacon of hope for those of you that did not study a subject in the field of Engineering, Economics or Business and are considering a career in Consultancy, especially at Accenture. Although business acumen and relevant technical experience are undoubtedly useful, having a strong set of soft skills is just as, if not more, important (not in any way subjective or biased).

In my 7 weeks at Accenture (two weeks training in London with incredible faculty, two in Chicago with our relentlessly enthusiastic American counterparts and three weeks on ‘the bench’) I have learnt a lot and met a countless number of impressive individuals, ranging from Analysts in my start group to figure heading Managing Directors.

An employee is on ‘the bench’ when they are not working on a chargeable client project. I have made use of this time by participating in University recruitment events in Sheffield and Kent, working on business development projects that aim to win a client contract, and completing training modules in areas of personal interest.

There is so much to talk about, so I won’t confine myself to a single discussion point for next fortnight’s edition by cementing the topic. Instead, you’ll just have to wait and see. If you can’t wait two weeks, then I strongly advise you to get outdoors and re-evaluate the thought you just had to set a calendar reminder on your phone...

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