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November 07, 2014
The Importance of Lunch
By: Amy Hunt
t’s Friday (also known as FriYAY) so I thought I’d write a post on a slightly more light hearted topic….Lunch.

So today a colleague and I utilised our lunch break to go and see the Memorial Poppies at the Tower of London (beautiful by the way). It was great little excursion and meant we’re now really refreshed to get back to work.

My project is London based, people have their own lives, families and houses to get back to so there isn’t much of a social scene in the evenings, this means that lunch is really where we do all of our team bonding.

Even during busy periods when you’re re-signed to a desk lunch it’s always a talking point “Oooh what did you get today? Was it good?”, and of course the fact that it is mutually understood across the board that we start healthy on Mondays gradually regressing to Burritos or Katsu curry by the end of the week. If somebody is eating a salad on a Friday they will be judged.

Wednesday is the biggest day in the lunch social scene- Falafel Wednesdays, we have 2 Vegans on our team so Falafel suits everybody. The only tough decision is when to go, Nina who sit’s next to me is an 11.45 lunch eater, I myself prefer a later one.

Recently we had a really fun “Diversity Lunch”, everybody bought some food from their home countries and/or lifestyle. I’m British born and bred so my contributions were decidedly boring, but the Vegans made a cracking quinoa dish and I had the best red-onion bhajis I have ever tasted from my Indian co-worker. Highly recommend it as an idea for a bit of team bonding!

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