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May 05, 2015
The First Week
By: Nabil Alizai

Hello, I’ve just joined the ACG after working in the UK Marketing team for just over a year. I worked closely with lots of Analysts and decided I wanted the challenge the ACG would provide. Hopefully I’ll be able to illustrate life as an Analyst at Accenture through some exciting and stimulating blog posts!

What were you expecting from the first week?
Having already been at Accenture for a bit, I thought I’d know most of it – I was expecting to be bored even. I knew meeting so many new people would be slightly overwhelming, but I was excited about the prospect of so many new friends. In hindsight, I think I actually came to it with little expectation, and an open mind – although I was hoping to find out which client I’d been scheduled onto when I start working properly at the end of May.

What was the first week like?
It would be literally impossible to tell you about everything without writing a thesis – SO much was packed into the week! I won’t give away too much about the Orientation & Induction event which covers the first 2 days – it’s so much fun, and really not what you’d expect from your first days at a company like Accenture, ending in a fun Celebration Dinner. It really bonds the group, and we were able to meet Shaheen Sayed, the ACG Lead in the UK – a truly inspiring woman who answered tonnes of questions about her career. There wasn’t a single person who didn’t feel excited about the opportunities that awaited them. Wednesday-Fridayinvolved a wide range of sessions looking at mindfulness, Microsoft Office, Accenture’s company structure, our Technology offering, elevator pitching, the project scheduling process – I could go on! To make it more exciting we split off into teams and had points awarded for a variety of tasks – and our team came 2nd overall #winners!

Accenture The First Week Image

Team “Instagrads”: Nadine, me, David, Dom, Sibeal, Julia, Jess, Emma and Marc.

What’s next?
On Friday I was TIRED, and also sad to say goodbye for now to some of the new friends I’d made as they were all heading off to Bangalore for the next part of their training. As I’ve been aligned to Management Consulting (MC), I’ll be spending one more week training in London, then heading to Kuala Lumpur for a fortnight of MC specific training. I’m definitely looking forward to meeting some of our global colleagues, but less excited about the 13 hour flight!

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