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September 23, 2014
Tell Day
By: Caroline Gadsby
I haven’t posted recently because since I got back from holiday, project work has been really busy. I have so much that I want to write about; brown bag sessions, LGBT Allies, Career Counsellors, Collaboration and LinkedIn being examples of upcoming posts.
But today I’m not going to write about that. I’m going to write about the thing that will be on the mind of a lot of people in Accenture (in UKI – UK & Ireland) at the moment – Tell Day is coming.

Tell Day is when promotion decisions are communicated by career counsellors across our organisation and it’s coming up soon. Many people, depending on their project/managers, will have an idea of what to expect, but nothing is for sure until Tell Day.
To be honest, for me this year,Tell Day is (hopefully, unless things have gone very wrong) not going to be a big event. My managers have thankfully managed my expectations; I’m not eligible for promotion. At the time I found out I was obviously disappointed; I had good feedback (although as always, plenty of room for improvement!), had built good relationships with the client and worked hard. However laddering is a competitive process, and my roles didn’t have the scale or complexity for me to demonstrate that I was one of the best.
The reality is that to be in an organisation where you are working with so many excellent people, even if you work hard and are good at your job, it can be hard to be the best in order to get promoted. In the weeks that followed the expectations management of my managers I did stop to think about the past two years at Accenture and questioned:
  • Do I (most of the time!) enjoy my job?
  • Am I still learning?
  • Am I still being pushed?
  • Am I working in an area where I want to work?
  • Am I working with great people?
The answer to all of the above was a very clear yes. On top of these, the opportunities outside of actual work at Accenture are amazing. Being honest, it was a bit demotivating at the time, but with a little help from my managers – a combination of already given and soon to be requested, now I’ve got a new game plan which involves:
  • Focus my extra-curricular activities – both in terms of being around Aerospace & Defence (A&D) to build my network, and in areas where I am particularly keen to grow and be known for
  • Taking advantage of my career counsellor going on leave to switch to one within A&D
  • Ensuring that my role clearly has enough scale/complexity
  • Requesting my managers to push me irrespective of level; just because I’m not a consultant, doesn’t mean that I want to just be pushed to A2/C1 (2nd year of being an Analyst, 1st year of being a Consultant) if they/I feel that I can achieve more
I could continue but I’ve got to get back to writing a governance document – not my favourite part of my role, but the sooner I get it drafted, the sooner I can get back to the fun (for me) stuff.

Oh and please keep your fingers and toes crossed for the Analysts who are up for promotion – look out for some changes in LinkedIn role titles in the next few weeks!

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