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December 22, 2015
What to Expect
By: Stuart Nicol

Now 11 months in, I am not entirely sure I can call myself new, but given how fast the year has gone it really doesn’t seem that long since last January when I joined with 60 other Analysts as a real newbie.

Starting a new job can seem fairly ominous, especially as a fresh graduate. You’ve just signed a contract, you’re now part of the corporate world, no more sleeping until 2pm on a weekday and then watching Jeremy Kyle all afternoon, you’ve got work to do! This isn’t the end of the world, this is arguably a bigger opportunity than anything else before it, and with the right attitude and approach can easily be just as, if not more fun.

Employee work life balance is something Accenture pays a lot of attention to. Work is not meant to be all consuming, and the company is very good at keeping this balance. Moreover, it offers up many perks that add to your wellbeing and supplement, not limit, your social life. Indeed, just the other week my fellow grads and I were at the Natural History Museum for our winter ball, enjoying a few drinks under the watchful eye of a rather large diplodocus skeleton.

Accenture’s investment in its people is something that really drew me to the company, it is something they pride themselves on and rightly so. Right from the get go as part of the Strategy & Consulting Graduate Programme you will be subject to three or four weeks of training, two of which take place abroad either in Chicago or Bangalore. This training provides you with a strong base to begin work but also allows you time to bond with your start group and meet some great likeminded people.

The initial investment and time spent on you really gives that feeling of worth and place within the company and having a big group allows you to foster your own support group who you can lean on for new roles, advice, and even the occasional beer when the work week is over!

As you realise your whole working life cannot be spent abroad with 60 of your peers, it is up to your first project to settle you in and welcome you to the day to day roles. Having worked across four projects I feel I can say from experience that the team you will join will be open, helpful and full of talented great people. The variety of work on offer means you can get on to something that interests you, and the culture within the company means you can be sure to be part of a great team.

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