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September 24, 2014
Sponsorship Perks
By: Hollie Willets

Outside of the day job there are many perks to being an Accenture employee.  I’ve mentioned some of these before, such as the health assessment, but something I’ve taken advantage of a few times recently is Accenture’s sponsorship arrangements.  We currently sponsor a few different organisations and in recent weeks I have attended events from the BFI and the Science Museum.

I went to a really interesting lunchtime talk the other week about a new exhibition space called Information Age, due to open at the Science Museum next month.  The curator explained her journey from idea conception to the opening of this major new permanent gallery.  She showed slides of a few exhibits, explaining the history behind them and why they had been chosen for the space.  She also told stories of some of the logistical issues they had faced when bringing into the gallery the coil of what was once the most powerful radio transmitter in the world.  There was time for Q&A then we were reminded of the other Science Museum related perks Accenture employees can enjoy.  One of these is being able to queue jump at the popular Science Museum Lates, which are held on the last Thursday of every month - so I shall be going along tonight!

Last night I went to another sponsorship event, this time at the BFI.  You may be aware that the BFI Film Festival is launching very shortly, and Accenture is a sponsor.  The Festival Director shared her top tips with us, including some of the headline films as well as some more personal choices.  Every year there is an “Accenture Gala” film, which is chosen specifically to tie in with values that the BFI and Accenture share.  This year a film called Whiplash has been chosen, which she described as having themes of drive, energy and perseverance.  In 2012 the Accenture Gala film was Argo, which went on to win best picture at the Oscars.  In 2013 it was 12 Years a Slave, which also went on to win best picture – so let’s keep an eye on Whiplash!  After the talk we had some drinks and nibbles then watched a private screening of Argo.  I’ve seen it a few times before but it’s such a great film J

One of the interesting things about these kinds of events is that you get to meet people from across Accenture.  Last night I met people from Payroll, HR and the Sponsorships Team, who I would never normally get to chat to as I’m always on client site. 

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