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November 18, 2014
Role hunting
By: Harriet McClean
So although I only joined my first project just over two months again (7th September), I'm already looking for role #2. My initial project accelerated so quickly through the goals that we, and the client, had set that my role was complete by the end of last week (14th November.) Pretty sad to see the back of that project - it's been such a steep learning curve, with an incredible team and I really value all I've learnt there. So the role hunt began...
To be honest, I was feeling around in the dark for the first few days. Numerous networking events allowed me to utilise my new LinkedIn connections effectively and I sent out feelers into all different branches of the company to apply for roles with tonnes of different clients - FS (Financial Services), Products etc. Personally, having been in products, I wanted to make the most of the limited time that I have here and so decided to branch out into FS. I found that being very proactive, without hassling, was the only way to go about it. A team within Accenture can help you find a role but if you can find it yourself it's often more suited to you and your current aspirations. So with a few emails back saying that they were interested in having a chat (an informal chat is far more like a job interview again in this sense and I advise you to have questions prepared that you want to ask them, have a background understanding of the client and Accenture's work there and a way to explain why they want to have you - self promotion without sounding cocky is very important!)
I had my first few calls with different teams. I was prying for information about the job I'd be taking - it's a two player game as you are trying to sell yourself but they are also trying to sell the role to you. Make sure you know what you're signing up for!! It's very easy to get confused by all the big words (and the typical Accenture acronyms!) that they use but try and strip it down to the basics so that you understand exactly what they are talking about.
In the end I had two offers that I was utterly torn between taking - one was out of town near Newcastle, one was in London. One was in FS, one was in Products. One was with a younger, analyst heavy team, one was with an older, smaller more experienced team. They were completely opposite ends of the spectrum and honestly, for someone who had only been at the company for 2 months, it was impossible to decide. I had to have a decision by COP (Close of Play) on the Thursday and so in the end, after a lot of umming and ahhing and a few more job offers landing on the table, I decided to take a role in London with a relatively new project in FS sector. The fact that the project was right at the start, when my other project had been at the end of a very long contract and so was extremely well matured, interested me too - it really is a totally different kettle of fish being involved in projects with a variety of lifespans. Ultimately, who knows if I've made the right decision! I am already loving it, feeling a bit unnerved by all the new information but in a really exciting way. With a young project now, I have the ability to really make a difference and carve the direction of our future relationship with the stakeholder and seeing a project through these fledgling stages could not be more challenging.
So a bit lengthy, and stressful, process but one that I really value because I've seen just how diverse the employment at Accenture can be now and I've also begun to understand the process that you go through to carve your own future within this company.

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