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December 02, 2015
Two Months of Marketing
By: Rachel Stone

Rachel Stone

Having been at Accenture for just over two months I have lots to fill my first blog with, but firstly let me introduce myself. I joined Accenture in mid-September on the Marketing and Communications Graduate Internship. I was placed in the UK Technology Marketing team, working alongside some great people to communicate the work that Accenture Technology carries out in the UK. Before I start sharing the ins and outs of my first couple of months, let me describe the path that led me to join Accenture.

I studied French and Spanish at the University of Exeter and as the final year job hunt panic set in amongst most of my friends, I still wasn’t completely sure what I wanted to do. However I had taken a business module during my course and enjoyed learning about the Marketing industry so decided to pursue this further. I was lucky enough to find a Marketing Internship in Seville after I graduated and spent 3 months working in a small Spanish fashion company. When I returned to the UK I knew I wanted to pursue Marketing and began looking for positions. I had seen Accenture around at my University but didn’t know a huge amount about the business and wasn’t aware of the Marketing Internship, but after someone recommended it to me I looked into it and applied, which turned out to be a great decision!

The last two months have flown by and in my opinion the best thing about the internship is the sheer variety of tasks and activities that are all part of my job. I have assisted with the organisation of events such as a Women in Technology Roundtable at the Gherkin which gave me the chance to meet some of the leading women in the technology industry. I am currently working on several other events which will take place in the coming months. The organisation can range from site visits, to creating invites, to finding expert speakers.

Another big part of my role is social media. Within a week of being at Accenture I was given a brand new Twitter handle to develop - @AccentureTechUK. I get to spend lots of time on Twitter finding interesting content and sharing Accenture Technology news and updates. Recently I have been making videos to promote a new series of Technology blog posts. In addition, I update the Technology UK website and create a fortnightly newsletter which is sent to the Technology community in the UK. My team give me lots of responsibility which is something I value as an intern.

Working for such a large company has its advantages from a social side too. I was one of 14 interns to start in September and having several people in the same boat as you definitely makes settling in easier. We often ask each other for help with those little tasks that should be easy but aren’t and the chances are that one of us will have come across the problem and have a solution. With Christmas just around the corner there is lots of festive fun to look forward to with team drinks, the Marketing Christmas party and a Christmas dinner all within the next couple of weeks.

So as not to make this post too long I have only skimmed the surface of my day to day tasks. I look forward to sharing my Accenture journey with you and giving an insight into the world of a Marketing intern.

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