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December 09, 2015
Blog 2: A Day in the Life of an Analyst
By: Phil Clements

Those of you reading this blog may have no idea what an Analyst at Accenture does on a day-to-day basis. Some of you may have a bit of an idea, but might not have any consulting experience and some of you may even have been Consultants in the past. Regardless, for the purpose of today’s blog I am going to assume that you have little to no idea what an Accenture Analyst does. As a result, I intend to give you an overview into a day as an Analyst, drawing on my own experience as an example. Now before I start telling you about my Thursday on client site, I would like to mention that no Analyst role is the same. As a Consultant, the variety of roles you do are very different and each Analyst you talk to will be doing a slightly different role, whether that be PMO, testing, Process Design or Solution Architecture etc.

In my case, I currently work in the Change Management team for a consumer goods client. In plain English, I help to design and implement the training materials for the client, helping them understand the technology that we have implemented. So now I’ve set the scene let us look at my most recent Thursday on client site:

5.45am Alarm – Now before you all get a shock and think that 5.45am is a normal time to wake up as an Analyst, think again. There will be times that you will intentionally have to arise before the clock strikes 6.00am, but those times are minimal. I only set my alarm for 5.45am as it allows me to have enough time to go the hotel gym before work. So I put my trainers on and head downstairs to the Pure Gym (subsidised by Accenture) next to the Bristol Marriott Hotel I am staying in.

7.30am Breakfast – Eggs, bacon, cereal, fruit smoothies, and pastries – what more could you ask for breakfast? As a travelling worker I have made sure that breakfast forms the basis of which hotel I decide to stay in.

8.30am Arrive at Client site – I arrive at the client site, grab a coffee and it’s time for my first meeting with my Line Manager. We go through some updates that need to be made to the training documents we have been making for the client and their 30 000+ employees! I set out a to-do list for my day and plan appropriately around meetings and other engagements.

11.00am Meeting with Career Counsellor – It’s my second week at Accenture and I have been setting some performance objectives with my Line Manager that will help form the basis of my career appraisals. Today I am talking through these with my Career Counsellor to get her feedback and action points to help me meet the short and long-term goals that have been outlined.

12.30pm Lunch – The client has an amazing canteen with its own salad bar, hot food selection and fresh handmade sandwich section. I sit with other members of the Change Management team and we discuss last night’s Xmas Market get together we had with the client team.

3.00pm Meeting with my Line Manager – We sit down one more time before I’m due to get the 4.30pm train back to London. We review the updates that I have made and I update our daily update document that I email to her every day between 6.00-7.00pm. Finally, we agree on the agenda for tomorrow and decide to meet at the new Accenture Cloud Services offices in London in the morning.

4.00pm Taxi Time – I catch a taxi with one of the client’s senior leadership, we have a chat about the project, living in Clapham and how cheap Bristol is compared to London.

6.15pm Home – I arrive into London Paddington having completed most of the remaining updates during the train ride home. I use my phone as a Wi-Fi carrier to send the update email to my Line Manager ready for work tomorrow.

So that’s it. My Thursday in Bristol. Every day as an Analyst is different, but hopefully this blog will give you an insight into one example of the sort of work you may be expected to do at Accenture.

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