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October 03, 2014
By: Caroline Gadsby

One of the things that I am really interested in, in terms of extra-curricular activities at work, is LinkedIn. A while ago I attended some great training sessions (in work time) on this; the idea is that by training up Analysts, we can then pass on the information and improvement to more senior people. This is not only an efficient way of upskilling the workforce, but also a great way for Analysts to interact more with managers.
So beside the obvious use for LinkedIn (and, if you're reading this blog as a graduate, the most likely use), which is to find jobs and network with recruiters; it is a really important tool for working with clients. If you were hiring a consultant to work in your business, wouldn't you google them?  LinkedIn is  a great opportunity to show your work achievements alongside a view of you as a real person and it allows you to build your network in areas you're interested in.
If you haven't got a profile, get one. There is loads of guidance online, but a couple of pointers to keep in mind are:
  • Your profile is not a CV, write it in the first person, and show your personality
  • It should also 'tell a story' (non-fiction, of course!) - how did you get from your A-level choices to the career you are interested in?
  • Use key words to show up for recruiters and/or; if you're interested in consulting, use that word in your profile!
So once you've created your  profile, use it! Add people that you interact with; if you go to a careers fair, add people you meet on LinkedIn - you never know what opportunity you might open up.

So as an Analyst at Accenture, how do I use LinkedIn?
  • I've found that it's a great way to meet senior people; I'm not very comfortable with asking a favour or advice out of the blue - by helping them in this area, I feel more able to ask for something in return
  • Travelling by train so frequently, I often find myself talking to people en route to project; now I will always ask if they mind my adding them (note, no one has ever said no); I've found several people outside of Accenture but within my industry just by coincidence
Now that you've created your profile add people you meet, share articles that you're interested in, and make the most of opportunities you find on there. Finally, add me and contact me on there if you'd like any more advice on LinkedIn.

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