January 05, 2016
My Second Blog Entry
By: Jacob Jones

I was never particularly interested in school. When I was thirteen, my parents and I were sat in front of my English teacher at parents evening, and she asked me: “Do you know the meaning of the word insufferable?” I didn’t. She went on to explain that insufferable was exactly what I was, without ever defining the word for me. But to be honest, she didn’t need to. Once she applied it to me, I got it.

Homework was a foreign country. My books never left my bag once I got home. Instead, I’d try and make cool stuff on Adobe Photoshop. Or I’d attempt to write a website again. And this was 2003. WordPress was a foetus. I wrote a website about my favourite movie. I wrote it solely in HTML. I hadn’t even heard of CSS at that point. I still remember the URL for it: http://completematrix.0catch.com. Don’t bother trying to click it now, it’s disappeared into the mausoleum of the internet.

So all of that, the graphic design, the web design. It all became a hobby. The kind of hobby you never pay much attention to. The kind you don’t really take particularly seriously because nothing you do with it ever feels much like work… Until someone pings you on the Accenture internal Skype and asks you to be the UX designer on a project for one of the UK’s biggest retailers.

I’m lying on my sofa in my lounge now, putting the finishing touches to a clickable demo I’ve been designing for the client over the past week. Yeah, it’s a Saturday, but I’m not doing this because I have to. It’s just a lot of fun. I feel thirteen again. And because I’m into it, I want to push myself and produce the coolest work I can.

Over the last ten years I’ve completed freelance assignments across the design and deployment spectrum. I’ve done some UX work. I’ve done some copywriting and editing. I’ve done some web graphics work. But I hadn’t expected to be taking those skills I’d acquired and using them here, at Accenture. Especially as an Analyst.

As a side note, this is my second project in as many months. I can’t think of another career that would give me the opportunity to get such rapid, diverse exposure to a whole range of industries, and a whole load of different kinds of work.

As a side side note, the city I’m based in has some epic restaurants so watch this space for an Eating Out Guide for Consultants, especially if you’re a fan of wagyu beef.

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