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December 02, 2015
Introductions and Success Factors
By: Megan Armour

Hello everyone! My name is Megan Armour and I am a technology aligned Analyst in my eighth week at Accenture. Before starting the graduate programme I studied Economics at the University of Leeds, as well as a year abroad in Barcelona where I completed a Masters in International Business. On the side of my economics studies I had a keen interest in technology and I enrolled myself in 2 basic coding courses (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), as well as undertaking University electives in technology and innovation within business. I believe it was these extracurricular experiences that led me on to my first role, which was a 2 month training, exams and shadowing for SAP Success Factors - a new cloud based HCM software. When I got the call about Success Factors in the second week of my London training of course I was thrilled to have been chosen for the position, however I was slightly concerned that such prolonged training would put me at a disadvantage to my peers who were starting on live projects.

After a whirlwind month of Analyst training in London and Chicago, I found myself back at the Fenchurch Street office, on a 3 day introduction to my new software. On Monday morning I knew little to nothing about HCM, SAP, or Success Factors, however I left the office on Wednesday evening feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information we had taken in. We were fortunate enough to meet and speak to the UKNI Success Factors Lead, as well as our future line manager and off shore technology teams. During this time we were taken through the Success Factors system both back end and front end. Although it was an intense introduction it was extremely engaging and beneficial.

Thursday morning at 9am I then began my first qualification, which was an Introduction to Success Factors. This was composed of 8 self-assigned online learning modules supported by an online textbook and exam. I felt like I was back at University! The three other Analysts and I would come in every day and attempt navigate our way through the online instances and take a stab at writing some of the XML code to configure the system and within a few days I began to understand what Success Factors was all about. After pacing through this initial introduction to Success Factors, and thankfully passing, I then got streamlined onto one specific area of Success Factors and commenced with my second exam. Essentially we completed over 120 hours of “online learning” in 5 days, which made me appreciate how slow paced university was! I was nervous to sit the exams as it was a strict 3 attempt policy and I was aware how expensive the exams and learning material was. With these additional pressures looming I resorted back to University ways and decided to make notes, producing a series of self-help packs about the different Success Factors modules. We were all thrilled to pass the second exam in good time before the Christmas Ball that evening.

Having now completed my self-learning I am now on client site, shadowing and working with the Success Factors teams within Financial Services in London. Although I was apprehensive about launching myself into a new software that I knew nothing about, I am now so grateful for the opportunity to develop my skills and knowledge, as it is something I will be able to use throughout my entire Accenture year. Although 3 months of training back in October seemed daunting and nothing like the pre-expectations I had of the graduate programme, looking back I feel as if this training and particular role has actually exceeded my expectations. I am now fully engaged and partially qualified in one of the most exciting and potentially explosive new HR Cloud software services of our time. This training period has exposed me to the software, its clients, and its capabilities, and I am excited to begin full time work after the Christmas period.

For any new grads who have the opportunity to take any software qualifications or specialised trainings, I can only recommend you take it on!

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